The Gemstones And Their Several Benefits

History of gemstone

Today gemstones have become a household name. Almost one person from every house wears one or the other gemstone. Even the jewellers selling them boost of the various magical powers and benefits that one can avail benefits from these stones.

In oxford dictionary Gem means a precious which is highly beautiful. Many artificial stones are also termed as gems but the original gemstones are something beyond excellence.

Gemstones date back to old historic times and puranas have also mentioned about the gemstones. These gemstones were the treasure of Emperors . They use to award these stones to people for some exemplary achievement or amazing work in fine arts.

Gemstone part of modern culture

As the time passed even a common man could afford these gemstones and it became their property. Today they have become lifestyle of modern women. It is believed that these stones carry magical powers and can bring good luck to wearer. The astrologers studied these stones deeply and checked their effects on human body.
Neelam one of the nine gemstones

Neelam is one of the nine kinds of gemstone. There are various kinds of neelam or blue sapphire. Indraneelam is a shinning dark blue coloured stone. It resembles a lot to peacock neck. The other type of neelam is Jalneelam which is dark blue in outer parts and light blue in the centre.

Neelam stone is found in Australian continent and in Srilanka. In India is generally in Kashmir and parts of South India. In India Neelam from Kashmir is considered the best among all.

Which is the best Neelam stone?

A good neelam is one which should have certain characteristics. A neelam that you can wear should have high clarity, should shine bright blue in colour and even composition. A Neelam stone with holes, cracks or some defects should not be worn. It can have negative effect on the wearer.

Neelam is the gemstone of Shani

Neelam gemstone is synonymous to Lord Shani. Though many other planets are there which are powerful than Shani but Shani is most renowned. This is because of Sadhesati of Shani. Since Lord Shani is son of Sun, this makes him much powerful.

Benefits of wearing neelam

There are numerous benefits of using Neelam stone. People involved in court matters should adorn this so as to succeed in the case. Businessmen who bear loss because of alteration in the time can also avail benefits by wearing this stone. This stone should be worn on Saturday during evening. It is mandatory that you buy the stone from a trusted seller. The original neelam stone price may vary with weight and quality of stone. Now many stores have started selling this neelam stone issuing a certificate of originality.

Where to buy Gemstones

Gemstones are easily available online. original gemstones online are quite affordable and come with trendy designs. Make sure that you buy them from a trusted online store.

The final say

There are numerous benefits of gemstones and you should definitely wear them. But it is advised that you consult an astrologer to know about the positive and negative effects it may have on you.