Loan and Go

At Loan and Go we are proud of our work, offering an essential microloan service with the highest quality customer care at affordable prices. With decades of experience, we support small personal finance projects. We want to help you and we don’t care about your credit score. Our mission is to discreetly offer you a […]


Loan Connect

Loan Connect has developed a search engine that enables consumers to go online and search for loans from various Canadian lending institutions. We help connect consumers looking to finance goods or services with loan organizations that offer loans outside of traditional mortgages or lines of credit. Our aim is to provide Canadians with easier access […]



LOANS FAST IS THE EASY SOLUTION TO YOUR URGENT FINANCIAL NEEDS. LOANS FAST help Canadians meet their short-term financial needs. We offer micro loans or payday loans and often you get your money within 24 working hours directly in your bank account. You need funds quickly before your next payday, we are the solution.


12 Month Loans No Credit Check

You have sustained dreadful credits and the traditional banking process has disappointed since this supports tedious practices. Then must be you have not come across 12 Month Loans No Credit Check. Here we offer suitable loans which include convenient and lenient way of lending. Here we accept application from poor creditors and processes application for […]


12 Month Loans

Are you suffering a setback due to no cash in hand to disburse pending issues? If yes then visit us at 12 Month Loans for here we aim at serving you with loan options with stretchy repayment structure. Trivial cash borrowing for long term duration is what you can expect here. We are connected with […]


Cash Money

Since 1992, more than 595,850 Canadians have relied on Cash Money to meet their short-term cash needs quickly, conveniently and with more flexibility than banks, other payday lenders, and cheque cashing companies. Easy Application Whether you have the necessary paperwork or not, we will work with you to apply for a cash loan. Fast Cash […]


Cash Depot

Cash Depot provides short term loans, payday loans, no credit-check loans, credit consolidation and bad credit loans that are approved immediately. We can even help you safely rebuild your credit with a Secured Credit Card. We only work with companies compliant with the Consumer Protection Bureau, and all loans made with us are 100% guaranteed […]


Magical Credit

Magical Credit is a bad credit lender that specializes in offering fast loans to clients with low-income. We are currently only accepting clients with 6 month employment and/or monthly income from the government or similar fixed sources. Our clients count on us to deliver fast loans in cash. As a bad credit lender, we’re able […]


Bad Credit Loans

After falling into a financial slump and defaulting on several loans with creditors I decided to write about my experience in the hopes that other people can learn from my mistakes and improve their situation. You’ll learn tips and tricks about lending policies, where to find cheap interest rates, who offers the fastest loans, credit […]


Which Way To Pay

Which Way To Pay Canada is an independent financial comparison website and a subsidiary of the independent company Which Way To Pay. The company began in London, United Kingdom with the first Which Way To Pay website. This has gradually expanded and grown to now include Canada and eight other countries, each with their own […]


Lending Loop

Lending Loop is Canada’s first fully regulated peer-to-peer lending platform focused on small business. Small businesses in Canada are underserved by traditional institutions when it comes to their financing needs. This has created an environment where small and medium sized businesses struggle to access affordable financing, as traditional financial institutions are burdened by significant operating costs […]