Do You need a Business Degree to be an Accomplished Businessperson?

The business world and its profitability have lured many to step into it and enjoy its fruits of success. It has more than plenty of success stories to make you change your mind and turn in its favour.
The number of successful entrepreneurs will make you believe me if you do not. Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and even Kylie Jenner are just a few off the top of the never-ending list of business success.
There are numerous ways through which you can enter this world;

  • Some take up a job first to learn the business dynamics from their bosses.
  • Some opt for joining their family business. These are the lucky ones.
  • Then there are the people who take the educative route and get a business degree before starting their own business.
  • The focus here is the third category. It is the category that deems a business to be essential before delving into it.
    I say that the business world does not compel you to get a business degree or even any kind of degree. The things and attributes that it needs cannot be developed in school.

    Why say no to the degree?

    Deciding on getting a business degree can pose more problems than it would solve. The two most prominent are;

    Too Expensive
    Before getting into the learning an MBA would give you, it is crucial to understand its cost implications.

  • A one-year business degree can put you in a financial hole as deep as £10,000 to £15,000.
  • A two-year education and that too from a renowned university like Oxford or Cambridge will have you spending about £45,000
  • .
    A business degree is an extremely costly affair that can drown you in debt and seeking debt consolidation loans for bad credit from direct lenders before your business has even started.

    No Practical Knowledge
    A business degree can give you a lot of knowledge. It might even teach you about every nuance of the dynamic business world. However, knowledge does not equate to its perfect implementation.
    Classroom books and real business dealings are vastly distinct.
    Like a good football player can never be a good coach and a great coach may not be the greatest of players. Likewise being at the top of your class at business school may not mean you would top the business world as well.

    What do you need to be accomplished?

    Rather than a degree, a business person needs to have these traits to leave his mark in this world.

    Being an Expert in your Field
    A business usually operates in one area, unless of course, it is a multinational. This area is decided by the comfort level and knowledge of the owner in that arena.
    For instance, if a person decided to become a website developer, then he must have all the knowledge of the same. They are being able to meet the demands of the clients and ensuring that they come back for more of your expertise.
    It is something no business school can ever teach, a graduate degree just might.

    The next characteristic of a successful businessperson is confidence, a confidence in his abilities, in his business idea and his people. It is what will set him apart from others.
    Have you ever seen an interview with a famous business personality? I once saw an interview with Steve Jobs, a co-founder of Apple Inc. It has been more than a few years since the day I saw it, so much so that I do not even remember what he was talking about. It was probably another life-changing innovation.
    However, what I remember is his confidence. The way he spoke about the discussion topic oozed more determination than anyone I have ever seen. The passion in his voice and the twinkle in his eyes made me want to buy whatever he was selling, even though I do not know what it was.

    That kind of confidence and belief in yourself will guarantee your success more than anything else.


    You must know that the business world is more dynamic than anything else on Earth, maybe not as much as women’s mood swings, but you get my point.
    To deal with the constant fluctuations, the owner needs to be versatile. Being rigid and set in your ways can become catastrophic for you and your business.

    The most severe downfall experienced by the business world is in the present. Do you think a classroom can prepare you for the devastation a pandemic can dole upon you and your business? I do not think so.

    At a time like this, your adaptability is the only thing that can save for establishment because it would make you use the things at your disposal rather than cribbing about them.

    Winding Up

    In the end, I would want to say that a business degree is not a total waste of time, money and your efforts. It can teach you a lot of things that will help you in running your own business.

    These things can just as quickly be learnt in the real world than behind a desk in the classroom.
    Majority of the highly successful entrepreneurs do not possess a business degree, and some do not have a degree at all. So, you tell me now, do you need an MBA to become successful in the realm?