Home Improvement Loans: Give a New Life to Your House

Do you want to add an extra kitchen to your home, but struggling of funds? Are you feeling frustrated of your old home and want to give complete a makeover to it? Renovation of a home requires funds that add more burden to your budget. Well, wiping out your savings for your home dream is not a wise decision. In such a situation, borrowing money from a direct lender at an affordable interest rate is the right solution. Home improvement loans are designed to help you in fulfilling your house renovation dreams.

How Unsecured Home Improvement Loans Help you?

Are you in need of small amounts of funds for house renovation, but don’t want to pledge your asset? Unsecured home improvement loans quickly allow you to avail small amounts of money without collateral or guarantor at a competitive interest rate. Hence, you don’t need to furnish your car or your property as guarantees.

There is no risk of losing your asset. Moreover, you don’t need to go anywhere or submit relevant documents to the offices of typical lenders. Just apply for a house renovation loan online and get the required money credited within 3 working days into your bank account.

When to Avail Secured Home Improvement Loans?

Well, if you are in need of a large amount of money for completely renovating your home, then a secured house renovation fund is a good option. Are you scared of losing your asset? Don’t be so worried. If you are a good borrower and taking help from a top lender in the UK then availing a home improvement loan against your asset is not a big deal! You have the freedom to pay off the entire loan in EMIs. Secured loans are cheaper as compared to unsecured loans.

Can I get a Home Improvement Loan despite Having a Bad Credit History?

If you are going to avail a house renovation fund from a direct lender in the UK then your bad credit history doesn’t matter at all! Most of the top lenders in the UK quickly approve your online house improvement loan application without giving importance to the credit rating. However, you can avail a cheaper loan if you have an excellent credit history.

Do I need to Repay a Home Improvement Loan in a Lump Sum or EMIs?

Home improvement loans are quite flexible in terms of repayment. You can choose any tenure as per your monthly budget and pay off the entire loan amount in EMIs. Always select a monthly EMI amount that you can easily afford. Yes, a long-term loan is slightly expensive as the total interest cost is higher but it doesn’t strain your monthly budget.

Am I Required to Undergo the Credit Check Step?

No credit check loans for home improvement go easy on your credit ratings. Most of the online lenders in the UK don’t ask prospective borrowers to submit their credit reports. So, there is no wastage of time in credit screening. Additionally, you don’t live in a dilemma if the lender would approve your loan or not. Such lending solutions are guaranteed and you get the fastest approval in low as 15 minutes.

Who can Apply for a Home Improvement Loan in the UK?

Following are the basic criteria that you should meet before applying for a house renovation fund:

  • A borrower must be 18-75 years old
  • He or she should be a resident of the UK
  • He or she must have an active bank account

How to Apply for a Home Improvement Loan?

Applying for a house renovation fund online is quite easy. Just look for the loan form on the lender’s website and fill it with the required information. Submit it online. No need to attach your property papers, salary slips, or any other supporting documents.

How to Choose the Best Lender for availing a Home Improvement Loan?

Choosing a reliable online lender is the main task. If you have selected a credible lender then the rest of your loan experience would be excellent. So, for availing a hassle-free home improvement loan you need follow our below-given tips:

  • Search on the Google with the keywords “best lenders in the UK” or “top lenders in the UK for home improvement loans”
  • Open websites of the lenders coming on the top searches
  • Compare them in terms of interest rates, loan approval time, tenure flexibility, hidden costs, prepayment charges and more
  • Read feedback and ratings given by the previous borrowers
  • Carefully understand the loan representative example
  • Use their loan calculators to know the final cost
  • Check if the customer care support is 24/7 available
  • Thoroughly read terms & conditions
  • Open the online loan application form and see if it is short and simple
  • Check if the lending services offered by them are legal
  • Certified lenders are more reliable

Don’t forget to repay the loan EMIs on time. If you have a poor credit score then it is a golden chance to improve your credit. All lending companies or direct lenders in the UK send monthly repayment report to the credit bureaus. Therefore, if you pay on time then automatically it increases your score.

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