Can Chase help me get out of debt?

If the account is in good standing or less than 180 days delinquent, you will negotiate a settlement with Chase. Chase will try to get you to pursue a debt management plan rather than settle, but may agree to a settlement if you present your case appropriately.

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Accordingly, does Chase Bank work with debt settlement companies?

In addition to debt settlement programs, Chase offers its cardholders other assistance plans and ways to get out of debt. For example, JP Morgan Chase has lowered interest rates, extended repayment terms, and reduced monthly minimum payments.

Additionally, how do I negotiate with Chase? Call a customer service representative at (800) 432-3117, or send an email. The phone services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once you get someone on the line, politely ask if they are able to reduce your interest rates or if they are willing to negotiate a settlement for a lower balance.

Moreover, how do I pay my chase debt?

Sign in to your account at and choose the “Pay & transfer” option, then select “Pay bills.” Choose “Pay-from accounts,” then choose “External accounts.” Add your external bank account that you’ll use to make a payment to your auto account.

How much do I owe Chase bank?

You can check your balance by calling 1-800-935-9935 or going to any Chase ATM.

What debt collector does Chase use?

Chase Receivables Contact Information

Address 1247 Broadway
State California
Zip Code 95476
Phone 1 800-622-0484
Phone 2 800-540-7336

Will Chase bank sue you?

Yes. Although the Attorney General has sued Chase for not following the law in getting judgments against credit card customers, the judgment against you is valid – and you are legally required to pay it – unless you follow the procedures to challenge the judgment.

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