Can I get a top up on my home loan?

NEW DELHI: A top-up on a home loan is a convenient way to raise money. The borrower has a property already mortgaged with the bank, and all that is required is asking the lender to top up the loan. If borrowers have paid money for 12 months without missing a single installment, they are eligible for a home loan top-up.

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Also question is, how is top up loan calculated?

Banks will calculate the top-up loan amount, after taking into account the Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) of your running home loan. The bank will estimate the Fixed-Obligation-to-Income ratio (FOIR) for your top-up loan, after deducting the instalments of all your running obligations.

Likewise, is it good to take top up loan? “Due to the relatively lower interest rate structure and flexible loan tenure, top-up loans are a better alternative to a personal loan. A top-up loan can be taken for a maximum tenure of upto 30 years or the remaining period of your existing home loan, while a personal loan is offered for a maximum of five years.

Besides, what does top up loan meaning?

Top-Up Loan Meaning:

Top-up loan is a facility provided by banks, housing finance companies and other financial institutions that allows you to borrow a certain amount of money over and above your home loan.

What is the maximum term for top up loan?

You can repay the top-up loan in monthly instalments (EMI) over a maximum term of 15 years. The actual loan term depends on factors such as your profile, age at maturity of loan, age of the property at loan maturity, etc. The term would also depend on the specific repayment scheme opted by you.

What is top up loan on home loan?

A Top up loan meaning an extra loan is a financing option that is offered over and above the existing loan amount for products such as home loan and personal loan. The top-up loan is offered to customers who have an existing relationship with the lender, have a good credit score and have repayment ability.

When can I apply for a top up loan?

One can apply for a top-up home loan after 12 months of the final disbursement of the existing home loan.

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