Do dealerships charge for loaner cars?

If it is going to be multiple hours or days before your car is fixed, the mechanic can offer you a loaner car at no cost, as long as you present proof of insurance. … Dealerships may put you in a car that is newer and has more features than the one you currently own to entice you to purchase a new vehicle.

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Furthermore, do dealers have to give you a loaner?

Generally speaking, there is no requirement made by the OEM for the dealer to have to give a “loaner” car. But most dealers know that there is value towards future sales to make sure that if a customer’s car is required to be in the shop for a couple days to provide a new “loaner” to the customer.

Similarly one may ask, does Honda provide car rental? Honda will only provide a rental vehicle while your vehicle is in for Honda factory warranty work that requires a technician flat rate labor time of 4.0 hours or more. Repairs not covered by Honda factory warranty do not qualify for rental coverage.

Accordingly, does Honda provide loaner cars for recalls?

“Dealer-authorized loaner or rentals are limited to the first day of a recall repair. There is no pre-defined limit to duration of use of loaner and rental cars authorized by Honda Automobile Customer Service to customers awaiting parts in advance of repair or to those whom repairs are extended.

How do I get a loaner car from a dealer?

Ask the dealer representative to email you information about the loaner vehicles you have to choose from. If you already know which vehicle you are interested in, make an appointment to test-drive it. The dealer may need to arrange for the vehicle to be at the dealership at the time you visit.

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