Do VA loans require water tests?

A water test is required every time a property with a private well or cistern is purchased or refinanced with a VA loan. This is to ensure the water from the well is safe for drinking and household use. If refinancing, the VA wants to ensure the water you’ve been using is still acceptable.

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Just so, do VA loans require radon testing?

The VA recommends testing for radon but does not require the test to be done. However, with new construction, the builder must certify they used radon-resistant construction techniques and meet any local or state building codes for radon control.

Also, does VA allow cisterns? Springs or Cisterns

These type of private water systems are only permitted for VA loans when they are customary and the only feasible means of water supply. They must be installed pursuant to the recommendations of the local health authority or federal authorities if no local stance is taken.

Considering this, does VA require a septic test?

Does the VA require a septic inspection, though? Technically, the VA doesn’t require a separate septic inspection. They do require the appraiser to evaluate the validity of the system, though, along with a few other important requirements.

How long does it take for a water test to come back?

How long will it take to get the results? Some laboratories may take as long as two weeks to return your results. For typical results, Clean Water Testing will usually return your results within three to five business days. Q.

How old can a water test be for a VA loan?

90 days

What do you do if your well tests positive for coliform?

When coliforms have been detected, repairs or modifications of the water system may be required. Boiling the water is advised until disinfection and retesting can confirm that contamination has been eliminated. A defective well is often the cause when coliform bacteria are found in well water.

What does a water test consist of?

Your local health department can assist in selecting tests important for assessing your drinking water. Include tests for coliform bacteria, nitrates, pH, sodium, chloride, fluoride, sulphate, iron, manganese, total dissolved solids, and hardness.

What inspections do a VA loan require?

Does a VA Loan Require an Inspection? The VA loan program requires a VA appraisal (often called a VA home inspection), but a standard home inspection is optional. The VA appraisal provides a valuable service, but it doesn’t guarantee that the home is completely free of defects.

What is needed on a VA water test?

At minimum, well water should be tested for lead, E. coli, nitrate, bacteria and arsenic. In the event that local authorities aren’t able to conduct the test themselves, a third-party company should be brought in to fulfill the requirement.

What water tests should be done on well water?

You should have your well tested once a year for total coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels. If you suspect other contaminants, you should test for those as well. However, spend time identifying potential problems first, as these tests can be expensive.

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