Do you have to pay back an AER loan?

AER doesn’t charge late fees for its zero interest loans, but it does require you to repay them. Your payment amounts will be determined by your AER officer. Active-duty soldiers and families can pay by paycheck allotment, which AER can set up for you. You also can pay online or through check or money order.

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Subsequently, can the army help with debt?

Military OneSource provides free financial counseling and financial management programs covering: … Debt consolidation and debt management. Assistance with housing issues. Guidance on savings, investing and retirement plans.

Keeping this in view, does Red Cross help pay for military emergency leave? The American Red Cross works in partnership with military aid societies to provide quality, reliable financial assistance to eligible applicants 24/7/365. Assistance can include funds for emergency travel, burial of a loved one, emergency food and shelter, etc.

Similarly one may ask, how do I check my AER loan balance?

On the AER website,, click on ‘MANAGE YOUR LOAN.” If “MANAGE YOUR LOAN” is not visible, click on the drop down next to “Assistance” and choose “Manage Your Loan.” Page 5 5 2. Next, click on “View Your Loan.” This will direct you to our loan portal to view your loan history.

How do I pay off my AER loan?

Check, Money Order, or Bill Pay

AER accepts personal checks, cashier’s checks, money orders, and electronic bill pay from your personal bank. Please include “Army Emergency Relief”, our address, and your Client ID with your payment.

How do you stop an Aer allotment?

Log into myPay. Select “Allotments” For EFT Allotments, you can START or CHANGE or STOP an allotment amount and STOP an existing allotment. For Home Loan and Navy Mutual Aid Service allotments, you can only STOP or CHANGE money amounts.

How does the AER work?

To calculate AER: Divide the stated interest rate by the number of times a year that interest is paid (compounded) and add one. Raise the result to the number of times a year that interest is paid (compounded) Subtract one from the subsequent result.

How long do you have to pay back an AER loan?

12 months

How long is emergency leave in the Army?

30 days

How many AER loans can you have at once?

Applicants fill out a request form and provide documentation showing their needs. There is no loan dollar cap, though soldiers are limited to two AER loans per year without command approval. Troops, regardless of rank, can also go through their commander for an immediate loan approval of up to $1,500.

How much will AER give you?

AER’s most powerful program. Company Commanders or First Sergeants can approve financial assistance up to $2,000.

What army regulation covers ACS?

AR 608-1

What can you use AER for?

Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve Soldiers that are activated in response to COVID-19 are eligible for financial assistance from Army Emergency Relief (AER) for basic living expenses such as rent, utilities, and food, and personal transportation costs such as car payments, auto insurance, and fuel.

What does relief from ADT mean?

active duty for training

What regulation covers Aer?

Army Regulation 930-4

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