Does Fannie and Freddie do commercial loans?

Fannie Mae has commercial real estate loans that fit apartments and affordable multifamily housing projects. … You can also get up to 80% LTV and receive flexible underwriting that helps with your specific housing property needs.

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Also, are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conventional loans?

Approval Guidelines. All loans backed by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are typically conventional loans, which are not insured by the government.

Subsequently, are Fannie Mae loans good? Fannie Mae stimulates the market so there’s more money available for potential buyers. It also specializes in mortgage refinancing and low down payment options. If you need help refinancing your mortgage or finding a more affordable loan to help you buy a home, Fannie Mae is a good place to start.

Keeping this in consideration, does Freddie Mac allow mixed use properties?

Did You know that Freddie Mac will do a small mixed property??? The property MUST be a primary residence and a one-unit ONLY. … It must be located in a residential neighborhood, be primarily residential use and confirm to the local zoning requirements.

Does Freddie Mac make commercial loans?

Freddie Mac Float-to-Fixed-Rate Loans are available for most conventional and affordable properties, with the notable exceptions of seniors housing projects, student housing developments, and manufactured housing communities.

How many Fannie Mae DUS lenders are there?

24 DUS lenders

How much do you need down for a commercial loan?

Before considering or approving a loan application, most commercial lenders ask for a minimum 30% down payment. Your LTV cost will decrease when investing in a commercial property and this means that you’ll likely require the borrower to contribute more to the down payment.

What are the types of commercial loans?

9 Types of Commercial Loans for Your Business

  • Commercial Real Estate Loan. As the name implies, a commercial real estate loan is used to purchase commercial property. …
  • Business Line of Credit. …
  • Equipment Financing. …
  • Term Loan. …
  • Commercial Construction Loans. …
  • Commercial Auto Loan. …
  • SBA Loan. …
  • Bridge Loans.

What is a conventional Freddie Mac loan?

Conventional loans are also called conforming loans because they conform to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac standards. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are government-created enterprises that buy mortgages from lenders and hold the mortgages or turn them into mortgage-backed securities. … Common loan terms range from 10 – 30 years.

What is the current interest rate for a commercial loan?

Commercial loan rates are currently in

30 Year Swap 1.743%
5 Year Treasury 1.250%
7 Year Treasury 1.420%
10 Year Treasury 1.500%

What is the minimum credit score for a Fannie Mae loan?


What is the minimum credit score for a Freddie Mac loan?

660 or higher

What loans do Freddie and Fannie buy?

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buy mortgages from lenders and either hold these mortgages in their portfolios or package the loans into mortgage-backed securities (MBS) that may be sold. Lenders use the cash raised by selling mortgages to the Enterprises to engage in further lending.

What type of loan is a commercial mortgage?

Commercial mortgage loans are similar to traditional mortgage loans; but instead of borrowing money to buy residential property, you secure any land or property for commercial purposes.

What was the Freddie Mac scandal?

In December 2003 Freddie Mac, the federally chartered mortgage financing giant, agreed to pay a civil penalty of $125 million and implement measures to correct its accounting and governance problems as part of a consent order with a federal regulator.

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