Does Supreme lending have good rates?

Supreme Lending Reviews

A lot of the reviews also indicated that rates and/or fees were lower than expected, which is a good sign in terms of loan pricing. At LendingTree, they’ve got a similarly high 4.8-star rating from about 500 reviews, along with a 94% recommend rating.

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Similarly one may ask, how long has supreme Lending been around?


BBB File Opened: 2/4/2002
Years in Business: 24
Business Started: 1/21/1997
Business Started Locally: 1/21/1997
Business Incorporated: 1/21/1997 in TX, USA
Considering this, how many locations does supreme lending have? Our experienced team of mortgage professionals can help you get a home loan in any of our 350+ branches across the United States.

Furthermore, is AmeriSave legit?

Yes, AmeriSave is a legitimate mortgage and refinancing company. It offers a range of programs that are good borrowing options for some people. However, not all applicants are eligible to take out a home loan.

Is Supreme Lending a direct lender?

Supreme Lending, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is currently a Top 25 mortgage originator. … Supreme Lending did $3.5 billion in volume in 2013 and is a direct lender/seller/servicer for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and soon to be Ginnie Mae.

Is Supreme Lending a good company to work for?

Great Company to Work For

The team at Supreme is seasoned and professional. As a mortgage lender, the Company has all the tools needed to be successful. Employee engagement is a priority here. The culture supports a strong work ethic.

Is Supreme lending a mortgage broker?

Supreme Lending is a mortgage originator. … All loans are handled by our licensed mortgage originators who personalize the loan process, while providing timely and informed communication with the customer.

Is Supreme Lending hiring?

Is Supreme Lending hiring now? Yes, Supreme Lending has 118 open jobs.

Is Texas Lending a good mortgage company?

With a review rating of 4.9 out of 5 on BirdEye, Texas Lending, a mortgage company located in the heart of Dallas, is a good lender. More importantly, with over tens of thousands of home loans closed and funded, Texas Lending meets the mark of an excellent mortgage company.

What credit score does Supreme Lending use?

Supreme Highlights:

Minimum Credit Score is 620 for all Borrowers.

What is a subprime bank?

Subprime lenders are creditors who offer loans to individuals who do not qualify for loans by traditional lenders. By definition, these subprime borrowers have below-average credit ratings and are therefore presumed to be at greater risk of defaulting on their loans.

Who owns Supreme Lending?

Scott Everett

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