How can I get a loan from Social Security?

You can apply in various ways.

  1. Fill out a Member Loan Application form and submit it together with two valid IDs to the nearest SSS branch.
  2. If an authorized representative will file for you, make sure to have a Letter of Authority (LOA) apart from two valid IDs.
  3. Your employer can also file for you.

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Furthermore, can I apply salary loan with existing calamity loan in SSS?

Can I apply for another loan from SSS with an existing loan? A. You can only apply for another salary loan when you have paid at least 50% of the principal or at least half of the term has lapsed. … Your outstanding balance will be deducted from your new loan amount.

Beside this, can I apply SSS emergency loan online? The application for the loan will be online via MY. SSS or through which is under the E-Services menu function.

Similarly one may ask, can I pay my SSS loan thru Gcash?

SSS loan payments can now be paid via Gcash as an alternative. It is easier and very convenient for mobile phone users.

How can I apply for SSS loan online for self employed?

How to submit an application via SSS Website

  1. Visit the SSS website ( and click Member.
  2. Enter your User ID & Password and click the box for the captcha.
  3. Under E-Services, click Disbursement Account Enrollment Module and enroll in the system your bank account where the loan will be disbursed.

How can I borrow money from GCash?

Go to the website «GCash Loan», select the amount and term of the loan and press the “Apply now” button. Fill out the form and accept the terms of the loan. Get the money to the specified bank account.

How can I check my loanable amount in SSS?

How to Check SSS Loan Balance Online 2021

  1. Step 1: Go to , then member login to view check your loans info. Type in your membership login details. …
  2. Step 2: Hover your mouse to the “Inquiry” tab. …
  3. Step 3: Hover your mouse to “Loans Info” tab.

How can I check my SSS loan by SMS?

To inquire about your loan balance, text SSS LOANBAL <SS Number> <PIN> to 2600. For example: SSS LOANBAL 0529310429 1234.

How does SSS loan work?

Under the program, members may borrow a loan amount of up to twice the average of their 12 latest posted monthly salary credits. It is payable in two years in 24 monthly installments with an interest rate of 10 percent per annum based on its diminishing principal balance.

How many days will you get your SSS loan?

The loan proceeds shall be available to member-borrower’s account within three (3) to five (5) working days from approval date of the loan.

How much can you borrow from SSS?

The maximum loanable amount is P1,000,000.00. Actual need of the borrower based on the contract to sell/scope of work and bill of materials evaluated by the SSS.

Is SSS calamity loan available now 2021?

The Social Security System (SSS) will open a calamity assistance package starting November 2, 2021, to help its members and pensioners in Calapan and Naujan in Oriental Mindoro, Malabon City, and all other areas that may be declared by the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) to be under the …

What are the available loans in SSS?

The maximum loanable amount is P2,000,000.00. The loan amount granted is the lowest amount based on the following factors: Appraised value of collateral of at least 70% but not to exceed 90%. Borrower’s capacity to pay.

Housing Loan Type Amount of Loan
Socialized Housing Loan Up to P450,000.00

What is the maximum loan in SSS?


Actual need of the borrower (total project cost) Loan value of the assigned collateral or securities; or. Maximum of P500. 00 million per borrower.

Who is eligible for SSS emergency loan?

Must be a Philippine resident. Location is in an area under the State of Calamity. Has paid at least 36 months of SSS contributions. Has paid at least six months of SSS contributions within the last 12 months before the month of the calamity loan application.

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