How can I talk to Bajaj customer care?

To get in touch with our customer care executives,

  1. 7219821111.
  2. [email protected].
  3. 9:00AM – 8:00PM from Mon-Sat (Lines will be closed on national holidays)

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One may also ask, can I close Bajaj Flexi loan?

How and when can I pre-close the Flexi Loan? You can make a pre-payment or pre-closure up to any amount without incurring any additional fees. … If you wish to discontinue this loan facility you can do so by paying the entire balance amount in the loan account, including interest along with request for foreclosure.

Likewise, can we pay all EMI at once in Bajaj Finserv? Bajaj Finserv gives you the option to pre-pay your personal loan EMIs up to 6 times in a calendar year at any interval as per your convenience. The minimum amount for each personal loan pre-payment transaction should be more than the total amount of 3 EMIs.

Accordingly, do flex loans check credit?

Flex loan lenders may not require a credit check. But as with virtually any type of credit, the more risk the lender assumes, the higher the interest rate you’re likely to pay.

How can I cancel my Bajaj EMI loan?

To cancel a loan taken from our online partners, go to the “My Orders” page and cancel the order or transaction made. Once the purchase is cancelled or returned, it takes 2 additional days to approve the cancellation and for the payment to get debited into your card.

How can I check my Bajaj Finance loan details?

Follow the steps mentioned below to check loan status online:

  1. Visit and select ‘My Account’.
  2. Next, open the customer portal. …
  3. On the page, enter your username and password.
  4. Once logged in, click on ‘Track Application’.
  5. To view your application status, verify your registered mobile number with an OTP.

Is Flexi Fi interest free?

Up to 18 Months Interest-Free Finance Terms Available*. Get approval in minutes* Paying for your bespoke furniture is now even easier! We have become a registered partner with Flexi-Fi so you can now spread the cost of your Ventura Purchase; an easy alternative to paying with cash or credit card.

What happens if I dont pay Bajaj EMI?

– An increased interest rate: If you haven’t paid your EMIs, the lender will increase the interest rate and/or levy additional fees and charges on your loan. – A lower CIBIL score: An EMI default would lead to the borrower’s credit score being lowered, which affects his future ability to take debt.

What is Bajaj Flexi interest only?

Flexi loans are a very convenient option for borrowing funds in India. … Here’s what sets Flexi personal loan apart from other loan variants: Pay interest only on the amount you have withdrawn from the borrowed amount. Option to pay just the interest as your EMI for the first year.

What is Flexi EMI?

Flexipay is a facility offered to existing SBI credit cardholders to convert their big purchases into easy monthly instalments. Any SBI Card holder, with a transaction greater than ₹ 500 can convert the said transaction into Flexipay within 30 days.

What is Flexi fee?

If you opt for a flexi personal loan, the annual maintenance charge will be 0.25% on the loan limit. … You can also use Personal Loan EMI Calculator to know your monthly EMI well in advance and plan your repayment accordingly.

What is Flexi hybrid loan?

A Flexi Hybrid Home Loan enjoys a tenor of up to 25 years and you can make part-prepayments towards it anytime you wish to, as many times as you wish to, without paying any extra charge. … You can then avail this amount as a loan if you need finances at a later date and pay only interest on it.

What is Flexi interest loan?

A Flexi Loan is similar to an Overdraft facility provided by banks. As a borrower, you can withdraw the loan amount you require from the credit limit pre-approved by the bank. … You get the flexibility to pay the outstanding loan amount as and when you want to pay, but you need to pay the interest every month.

What is Flexi limit?

Flexi Loan meaning is a personal loan that comes with a pre-approved loan limit from which any amount can be withdrawn as and when the requirement arises. With a Flexi Loan, you can withdraw the required amount as many times as you want, provided you stay within the credit limit.

What is flexi pay in CTC?

Going by its definition, ‘flexi pay’ is that part of the salary, which an employee can receive against particular expenses, mainly to avail tax exemptions. Under this benefit, employees get an opportunity to plan their flexi pay amount, depending on anticipated costs. … Medical expenses. Food coupons. Conveyance.

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