How do I check my Union Bank loan balance?

To register, call our 24X7 Call Center or contact Branch. Please keep your Account Number or Debit Card number readily available when calling us. Customers can get their primary account balance by giving Missed call to 09223008586.

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Beside above, how can I check my loan balance in Union Bank of India?

There are different ways through which you can check your Union Bank of India account balance. You can either give a missed call to 0922-300-8586, send “UBAL” to 0922-300-8586 from your registered mobile number or log in to UBI Net Banking/Mobile Banking apps.

Likewise, people ask, how can I check my loan status? Net banking: Existing customers of a bank can track the status of their loan applications through their net banking accounts. You need to log in to the account and check the status of the application under the loans section.

Considering this, how can I check my union bank account balance online?

Login to the Union Bank of India net banking site using your login credentials. Enter the username and password. Select the option ‘Account summary’ from the dashboard to know your account balance through net banking method. Using this facility, you can also request an E-statement to view your past transactions.

How can I create internet banking in Union Bank?

Click “Self User Creation” link on Net-Banking website ( Enter the followings. Date of Birth or PAN Number (one of the two is mandatory). Amout of any 1 out of last 5 transactions for the account.

How do I add a payee to my union bank account?

On this page you can add a Union Bank loan or line of credit to your payee list. Simply supply the information requested and select Add Payee. To cancel this operation, select Cancel.

How do I close my union bank loan?

Union Bank of India Foreclosure Charges

You can foreclose your personal loan by contacting the Union Bank of India branch where you availed the loan. Ensure collecting NOC and loan statements of your last paid EMIs once you prepay or part pay your personal loan.

How do I download statement from Union Bank Mobile App?

Answer – Register on the U-Mobile App and click on the accounts option. Then select the account number and click on PDF download. You will get the last 6-month statement in PDF format.

How do I get a Union Bank loan statement?

To get a loan statement you need to visit the website of Union Bank of India , then go to view the loan statement and then click the download statement.

How do I make a payment to Union Bank?

Simply select the Union Bank account you want to pay from by using the pull-down menu. Then enter the amount of your payment and when you want us to send it in the spaces provided. Select Next to schedule your payment. You will have a chance to review and confirm your payment instructions on the following page.

How do I register for Union Bank Online?

The UnionBank Online is Verisign Certified. Email confirmation is sent to your registered email address for every financial transaction completed. The UnionBank Online app automatically logs out the user for 3 minutes of inactivity. OTP is required for all fund transfer and bills payment transactions.

What is Union Bank Billpay?

Paying your bills online with Bill Pay is fast and easy. You can make payments to companies and individuals — or even pay your Union Bank mortgage or loan. Make one-time payments or set up recurring payments for your regular bills, right from your computer, and avoid the cost of postage, checks, and envelopes.

What is Union Bank routing number?


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