How do I contact Standard Bank?

Call our contact centre on 0860 123 000 to obtain the form. Visit your nearest Standard Bank branch.

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Likewise, does Standard Bank have a WhatsApp number?

To access the Standard Bank chatbot, customers can send a message via WhatsApp to +27 64 570 0291.

Likewise, people ask, how do I access my Standard Bank home loan statement? Re: Statement home loan

You’ll need to tap on that tile once you’ve logged into the app, select “Your Documents” and you’ll have the option to view, download or send the statement. Alternatively kindly contact our homeloan department on 0860 123 001 for further assistance.

Also, how do I check my standard bank loan balance?

Where can I view the remaining balance of my loan? You can view your balances on Internet Banking, our Banking App, in-branch or via or voice branch.

How do I contact Standard Bank by email?

Email us on:

  1. General Enquiries. [email protected].
  2. Loan relief. [email protected].
  3. Business relief. [email protected].
  4. Insurance relief. [email protected].
  5. Funeral plan claims. …
  6. Personal building structure claims. …
  7. Car & home. …
  8. Accident & health insurance claims.

How do I contact Standard Bank lockdown?

Our Client Service Teams are also able to help you telephonically. Just call 0860 123 000.

How do I find out my home loan balance?

Just log in to your net banking portal and go to the loans section. Under this section, you can apply, check, or know the balance on loan you apply.

How do I get my home loan statement?

The bank statements of the home loan can be downloaded by logging in to the home loan account on the respective bank website. To get the bank statements, you would require details about home Loan account number, date of birth, account number, loan amount and EMI amount.

How do I lodge a complaint with Standard Bank?

a) Call them on +27 (0)860 101 101, or b) Send an email to [email protected], c) Send a fax to +27 (0)86 581 8536 or +27 (0)11 636 8860, or d) Click here to log the complaint on our website.

How do I send money with Standard Bank?

Visit a

  1. Use any of our banking platforms or visit a participating retailer.
  2. Select ‘Send money’ and enter the amount.
  3. You’ll be prompted to enter the recipient’s cellphone number and the amount you’d like to send, as well as the voucher PIN for collection.

Is Standard Bank call Centre 24 hours?

Dial *120*2345# and bank without a smartphone or without downloading our app. … Bank from a fixed line or cellphone using our multilingual, 24/7 automated service or speak to a consultant.

Who owns Standard Bank?

China’s largest bank, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), has purchased a 20% stake in Standard Bank, South Africa’s largest bank by assets and earnings, for US$5.5-billion, representing the largest foreign direct investment in the country to date.

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