How do I get a loan from EPCC?

Federal Direct Loan Program

  1. Must complete a FAFSA.
  2. Be enrolled at least part-time (6-8 credit hours)
  3. Demonstrate a calculated need.
  4. Maintain EPCC Satisfactory Academic Progress.
  5. Register and attend an entrance counseling loan session each academic year.

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Herein, does EPCC offer scholarships?

EPCC offers a variety of scholarships for new, continuing, and transfer students. EPCC administers numerous scholarships for students based on merit, financial need (as determined by completing the FAFSA), educational background or academic major.

Keeping this in view, how do I log into my EPCC email? How will you access your new email account? Starting September 14, you can access your email account by visiting and clicking on the ‘My Email’ link to be directed to your mailbox.

Hereof, how do you pay for classes at EPCC?

Installment Payment Plan Instructions

  1. Visit Online Payment.
  2. Click on Student and Staff.
  3. Enter your EPCC ID number and password.
  4. Click Payment Plans.
  5. Enroll in a Payment Plan.
  6. Print out your contract, it will have your payment dates on it. No reminders will be sent by EPCC.

How much does a semester cost at EPCC?

Estimated Cost Per Semester

Texas Resident Tuition Per Semester $1,260
Texas Resident Total Cost Per Semester $9,215
Non-Texas Resident Tuition Per Semester $2,184
Non-Texas Resident Total Cost Per Semester $10,139

How much is a semester at UTEP?

2020-2021 Cost of Attendance

Types of Costs* Undergraduate Texas Resident Graduate Non-Resident
Tuition and Fees $ 8,300.00 $ 17,102.00
Room and Board $ 5,088.00 $ 5,088.00
Books and Supplies $ 1,632.00 $ 1,254.00
Transportation $ 2,264.00 $ 2,264.00

How much is room and board at EPCC?

El Paso Community College Room and Board Expenses

Expense Off Campus
Room and Board $8,900
Other Living Expenses $5,644
Books and Supplies $1,129
Total $15,673

What is the name of the EPCC mascot?

Tejano Jack

Type Public, 2-year, Community College
Nickname Tejanos and Tejanas
Affiliations Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)
Mascot Tejano Jack

What is UTEP School Code?


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