How do I make a payment on Mr. Cooper?

Pay By Phone

To make an automated phone payment, just call 888-480-2432 and follow the instructions. You’ll need your account number and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. Note: A fee of up to $14 may apply.

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In respect to this, does Mr. Cooper have an app?

Manage Your Mortgage Anytime, Anywhere. Easily make monthly payments, check your FICO® Score, or access important mortgage documents—all within the secure Mr. Cooper mobile app. Download it on the App Store or Google Play and start learning new ways to use your home as your most powerful asset.

Likewise, people ask, does Mr. Cooper take debit card payments? Note: We do not accept debit or credit card payments at this time. How Do I Request a Payoff Quote Online? If you’re a Mr. Cooper customer, you can request one through your online account.

Hereof, how do I add a payment to my Mr D card?

How do I add / remove a credit card? When you place your next order, on the payment screen, you can choose to add a new credit card or remove a credit card that you’ve used to pay with previously.

How do I get Mr. Cooper mortgage statement?

If you are not signed up for Paperless, your statement will be mailed to you by January 31. To find your statements online, sign in to your Mr. Cooper account, and then navigate to the “Statements” section. All available information–including your year-end tax statement–will display here when it’s available.

How do I speak to someone at Mr. Cooper?

Please contact our Customer Service department at 888-480-2432 for further assistance.

Is Mr. Cooper a real mortgage company?

Mr. Cooper is a non-bank mortgage originator and servicer that operates throughout the U.S. The company, formerly Nationstar, was founded in 1994 and is headquartered in Coppell, Texas.

Is Mr. Cooper the same as nationstar?

Nationstar Mortgage, which rebranded as “Mr. Cooper,” agreed to a $91 million settlement this week for allegedly violating consumer protection laws after the Great Recession. The case could serve as a warning to companies that prey on borrowers during the pandemic.

Is Seterus Now Mr. Cooper?

Cooper completes acquisition of IBM’s Seterus mortgage servicing platform. Mr. Cooper Group (the company formerly known as Nationstar) revealed this week that it completed its acquisition of IBM’s Seterus mortgage servicing platform in a deal that will add 300,000 new customers to Mr.

What bank owns Mr. Cooper?

Mr. Cooper, formerly

Formerly WMIH Corp. (2015–2018)
Owner Mr Cooper Group

Where is Mr. Cooper located?

Dallas, Texas

Who did Mr. Cooper sell my mortgage to?

Blend Labs Inc.

Why was my loan sold to Mr. Cooper?

Why You Were Transferred

Your account was transferred because your previous servicer sold your loan to us, your new servicer. Mortgage loans being sold between servicers is very common. Hundreds of thousands of loans change hands in this way every year.

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