How do I pay my Eecu auto loan?

There are three convenient options for making payments on your EECU Auto Loan:

  1. You can pay online from an account at EECU.
  2. You can pay online from an account or debit card with another financial institution.
  3. You can pay by check to EECU.

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Furthermore, does Eecu use Zelle?

You can visit Zelle’s website and add EECU as an institution to receive deposits & make withdrawals; the transactions will be processed directly through Zelle.

Herein, how do I check my Eecu balance? You can check the balance of your auto loan in several ways: Online Banking, Personal Telephone Access (PTA), at any EECU branch, or by calling our Member Service Center at 1-800-538-3328.

Keeping this in view, how much should I put down on car?

A good rule of thumb for a down payment on a car loan is 20 percent of the purchase price. A down payment of 20 percent or more is a good way to avoid being “upside-down” on your car loan (owing more on the car than it’s worth).

Is it hard to get an auto loan from a credit union?

Easily obtained loans – Credit union members are typically able to get credit products such as auto loans much easier than at regular banks or other lenders. … More attractive rates – Loan rates for credit union car loans are typically lower than at more traditional lenders.

What credit score do you need for a credit union auto loan?

Another essential requirement for getting a credit union car loan is to have a good credit score. Different credit unions may have different ranges of what scores they consider to be good. Generally, a good credit score is above 640 or 660.

What is a good APR for a car payment?

As of January 2020, U.S. News reports the following statistics for average auto loan rates: Excellent (750 – 850): 4.93 percent for new, 5.18 percent for used, 4.36 percent for refinancing. Good (700 – 749): 5.06 percent for new, 5.31 percent for used, 5.06 percent for refinancing.

What is the average interest rate on a car loan with a 750 credit score?

about 3.48 percent

What is the minimum credit score for a credit union loan?

There are also some lenders that will work with consumers who have fair credit. Avant gives you access to funds of up to $35,000 by the next business day. Interest rates range from 9.95% to 35.99% APR.

Which company is best for car loan?

Best Car Loan Rates of November 2021

  • Best Overall: PenFed Credit Union.
  • Best Online Auto Loan: LightStream.
  • Best Bank for Auto Loans: Bank of America.
  • Best Credit Union for Auto Loans: Consumers Credit Union.
  • Best for Used Cars: Chase Auto.
  • Best for Bad Credit: myAutoloan.
  • Best for Refinance: AUTOPAY.

Will secu give me a loan?

Our goal is to provide fair and quality service to all members. We are available to accept applications online, by phone, or in the branch, and can usually provide an answer to your loan request the same business day. …

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