How do I pay my flexi loan from PSBank?

Using the CLiQQ App

  1. From the CLiQQ App, select Pay Bills, then Loans. On the list of billers, select PSBank Loan.
  2. Encode the following information: …
  3. Get the generated bar code and present this to the cashier at any 7-Eleven store near you for verification. …
  4. Get and keep your official receipt as proof of payment.

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Additionally, can I pay my car loan online?

Yes, you can pay off your auto loan through online banking. Sign in to your online account or the Capital One Mobile App to get your payoff amount and then schedule the payment.

Beside above, can I pay PSBank loan thru GCash? Payments to PSBank loans via ECPay through its merchant partner 7-Eleven, joins a suite of loan payment options that PSBank customers can access, including PSBank Mobile, PSBank Online, InstaPay, PESONet, GCash, PSBank ATMs, BancNet-member banks’ ATMs and for corporate accounts via Business Online Buddy.

Simply so, how do I call PSBank from my phone?

You may call our 24/7 hotline (02)8845-8888 for your account information. You may also enroll your account in our Mobile/Online banking for so you can access your account anytime, anywhere 🙂 Please email us at [email protected] and inform that you are overseas.

How do I email PSBank?

For any issues or concerns with PSBank Online, Client is advised to contact the nearest Branch, email us at [email protected] or call the Bank’s 24/7 Customer Service at (632) 8845-8888.

How do I pay my car loan with PS Bank?

Product Features

  1. Online payment using your enrolled deposit account thru PSBank Online and PSBank Mobile.
  2. Automatic Debit Arrangement from a PSBank deposit account.
  3. Post-dated checks.
  4. Cash or check payments via PSBank, Metrobank, BancNet ATMs nationwide.
  5. Over-the-counter cash or check payment at any PSBank branch nationwide.

How do I unblock my ATM card from PSBank?

A PSBank ATM cardholder can access the lock and unlock feature through the bank’s mobile app downloadable through Apple Store or Google Play. Clients can lock or unlock their ATM card through the app and receive a confirmation, while also being notified on their registered email address.

How do I withdraw money from PSI Flexi Loan?

Log-in to your PSBank Online or PSBank Mobile App account. 2. Select Cardless Withdrawal, choose your PSBank Account where the amount will be withdrawn (source of account), type in your nominated four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN 1), and the amount to be withdrawn.

How many digits is PSBank account number?


How much can I withdraw from PSBank ATM?

PhP30,000 per day

How much is the maintaining balance in PSBank?

Enroll in PSBank Online and/or download the PSBank Mobile. Experience secure and convenient 24/7 e-banking facilities that offer delightful banking moments.

Minimum Maintaining Balance PhP2,000
Average Daily Balance to Earn Interest PhP5,000
Interest Rate Click here for the prevailing interest rates

What is Flexi loan?

A Flexi Loan is similar to an Overdraft facility provided by banks. As a borrower, you can withdraw the loan amount you require from the credit limit pre-approved by the bank. … You get the flexibility to pay the outstanding loan amount as and when you want to pay, but you need to pay the interest every month.

What time does PSBank open?

PSbank branch banking is available from Mondays to Fridays and specific banking hours usually start from 9AM to 3PM. Banks with Saturday schedule are limited per location or city.

Where can I find my loan number PSBank?

Go to your other bank’s online banking facility to your 15-Digit PSBank Loan Account Number.

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