How do I pay off my Huntington Auto Loan?

Who should I contact for a loan payoff? Unfortunately, you must have the customer’s account number to obtain a payoff quote through our automated telephone service. You could also have the customer contact our Loan/Lease Customer Service Line at 800-445-8460, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm EST to obtain the account number.

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In respect to this, can I pay my Huntington car loan with a credit card?

Pay with your Visa, MasterCard, or Discover credit card or debit card, with Apple Pay, or with your bank account. …

In this manner, can I pay my Huntington loan online? All you need is a Huntington Checking Account with Online Banking. If you’re already a customer, simply log in to Online Banking and visit the Bill Pay tab.

Also know, does Huntington have tap to pay?

Fast, Convenient Checkout

With a quick tap of your device you can use your Huntington debit and credit cards to pay at your local grocery store, your favorite restaurant and lots of other places that you shop every day.

How do I check my Huntington Bank auto loan balance?

Simply go to and log into your account, where your account number and balance will appear on the screen. From here, you can see your account history including purchases, deposits and pending transactions.

How do I pay my Huntington Bill?

How to pay: If you have a Huntington checking account with online banking, you can use Bill Pay. Just visit the Bill Pay tab on your account page and fill in the recipient’s information. Decide if you want the payment to go out automatically or only when you hit send.

How do I view my bank statement on Huntington app?

The Statements/Invoices screen will be displayed. Using the drop-down menu, select either Deposit Account Statement or Account Analysis Statement (Detail of Charges). 3. Select a date from the Display Available Dates button to view a statement or invoice.

How do you check your account balance?

Ways to Keep Track of Your Bank Account Balance

  1. Access your account information online.
  2. Use an app that tracks your activity.
  3. Contact your bank on the phone.
  4. Check at an ATM.

How much can I withdraw from Huntington ATM?


Bank Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit
HSBC Bank $500-$1000*
Huntington Bank $400
*Depending on account

Is Huntington bank a good bank?

The bottom line:

Feature Insider rating (out of 5)
Savings 4
Checking 3
CD 3.25
Money market 3

Is Huntington Bank the same as Huntington National Bank?

Founded in 1866 as The Huntington National Bank, today Huntington Bancshares Incorporated still operates from the same Columbus, Ohio founding location in the heart of the Midwest. … Huntington Bancshares Incorporated provides: Full-service commercial, small business, and consumer banking services.

What is a payoff check?

Your payoff amount is how much you will actually have to pay to satisfy the terms of your mortgage loan and completely pay off your debt. … Your payoff amount also includes the payment of any interest you owe through the day you intend to pay off your loan.

What is the lienholder address for Huntington National Bank?

Send the check in the amount of the loan payoff with the Social Security Number OR account number of the customer to: The Huntington National Bank. 5555 Cleveland Ave. ATTN: Payoff GW1N10.

Who owns Huntington?

Stephen D. Steinour is Chairman, President and CEO of Columbus, Ohio-based Huntington Bancshares Incorporated, a $175 billion regional bank-holding company delivering a full suite of commercial and retail banking, investment management, and insurance services through Huntington National Bank and its affiliates.

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