How do I qualify for a Fido loan?

To qualify for a FIDO Loan, you need a valid ID and Mobile Money or Bank Account.

  1. ID Type: Driver’s License, NHIA Membership, Voter ID, National ID or Passport.
  2. Mobile Money account: MTN Mobile Money or AirtelTigo Money registered in your name for at least two months.

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One may also ask, can Fido reduce my bill?

If you wish to lower your bill, you still need to pay-off the full amount of your phone. That can either be done by paying the downgrade fee (amount remaining on your phone) or switch to a plan which contains the same amount of subsidy towards your phone.

Additionally, can I pay Fido with credit card? You can use your debit card, credit card or pay through your bank. Using your debit or credit card is instant, making a payment through your bank takes 4 business days. Call *28 from your Fido phone or 1-888-481-3436 and press * for our self-service menu. This payment method is also instant.

Regarding this, can you borrow money from Tigo Cash?

Good News for Tigo Cash Customers! You can now receive and pay your loan from Fido using Tigo Cash. Simply select Tigo Cash when you are asked where you will receive and pay the loan from. It’s that Simple!

How can I borrow money in Ghana?

How to Apply

  1. Dial *737*0#
  2. Select option 1 (Payday Credit)
  3. Agree to Terms and Conditions.
  4. Enter amount to borrow.
  5. Enter Tenure (up to 12 months)
  6. Enter your PIN to confirm transaction.

How can I get instant mobile loan in Ghana?

The following are the mobile money lending apps that can help you get quick loans in Ghana:

  1. Branch Loans App. Without collateral, the Branch loan app works 24/7. …
  2. Aella credit loan app. …
  3. KiaKia Loan App. …
  4. FairMoney Loan App. …
  5. Carbon Loan App.

How can I get Tigo Cash loan?

See the application process below.

  1. Dial *110#
  2. Choose option 5 (Financial Services)
  3. Choose option 3 (Loans)
  4. Select option 1 (Ready Loan)
  5. Choose option 2 (Ready Loan Request)
  6. select option 1 (Opt in)
  7. Enter your mobile money PIN to proceed.

How do I apply for a Fido phone loan?

Downloading the Fido Mobile App will give you access to our fast and convenient service. From within the app, you can quickly apply for an emergency loan. It’s free and easy to use!

How do I borrow money from MTN?

How to get MTN Ahomka Loan.

  1. Dial *170#
  2. Select option 5 (Financial Services)
  3. Select option 3 ( Loans)
  4. Select option 3 (Ahomka loan)
  5. Select option 1 (Get a loan)
  6. Enter your 4 digit Mobile Money PIN Code.
  7. You’ll receive a notification confirming that you’ve successfully applied for the loan.

How do I check my Fido loan balance?

Checking Your Account Balance

The quickest way to check your Fido account balance is by dialing “*225” on your phone’s keypad and pressing “Send” or “Call.” Your Fido phone automatically uses your account information to retrieve your outstanding balance, which it then displays on your screen.

Is Fido loan App on iPhone?

Unfortunately, the Fido App is currently an Android-only app and is not available for download on an iPhone or any IOS device. Android users can download our mobile application by visiting Google Play and searching for ‘Fido Micro Credit’ or use this link ( to download and request a loan.

What happens if you don’t pay Fido loan?

If we don’t receive payment of the amount due on your account by the Required Payment Date stated on your bill, we charge a Late Payment Charge that is accrued on a daily basis. You will be charged for every day your payment is late, until the date you fully pay your balance due.

Which app gives instant loan in Ghana?

LendingPapa is a quick online loan app in Ghana. If you need a loan, please downloan APP and register an account, you can get a loan of GHS 1,000 ~ GHS 5,000. Loan Amount: GHS 1,000 ~ GHS 5,000. Loan Term: 91~365 days.

Which bank in Ghana gives loan without collateral?

Fido Loans are provided by Fido Micro Credit (FIDO) ,a financial institution based in Accra. Fido Microcredit are private money lenders in Accra , who provide loans through their app, to anyone who has a valid ID and a mobile money account, with no collateral or guarantors.

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