How do I speak to someone at my student loan company?

By phone

  1. England, Scotland and Northern Ireland: 0300 100 0611. Wales: 0300 100 0370. Overseas: +44 141 243 3660. Open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.
  2. Grant overpayments: 0300 100 0629. Loan overpayments: 0300 100 0628.
  3. Grant and loan overpayments: 0300 100 0495.
  4. Student Loans Company. 100 Bothwell Street. Glasgow. G2 7JD.

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In this way, do student loan companies call you?

Financial schemes and scams were most frequently reported to have stemmed from a phone call. If you get an email, letter or call about student loan debt forgiveness, pause before you send along any of your personal information. It could be a scam.

One may also ask, how do I contact a student loan UK? Contact Student Finance England on their general enquiries phone number by dialling 0300 100 0607 if calling from within the UK or +44 300 100 0607 if calling from any other country. You can call this phone number to apply for a maintenance loan, report missing payments or calculate your remaining student debt.

Considering this, how do I find out my student loan debt? is the U.S. Department of Education’s comprehensive database for all federal student aid information. This is one-stop-shopping for all of your federal student loan information. At, you can find: Your student loan amounts and balances.

How many days after missing a student loan payment do your loans go into default?

270 days

Is SFE free to call?

However you can call Student Finance for free provided you have free inclusive minutes as part of your landline or mobile tariff as these can be used to phone national 03 numbers without incurring a monetary charge.

Is SLC the same as SFE?

The Difference Between Student Finance England and The Student Loans Company. Student Finance England (SFE) deal with the allocation of loans and your application. The Student Loans Company (SLC) deal with the repayments when you graduate.

Is there an email address for Student Loans Company?

By email: [email protected] – You should include your Customer Reference Number (CRN) in the email subject header. By writing to: Customer Relations Unit, Student Loans Company 100 Bothwell Street Glasgow G2 7JD.

Who called 03001000369?

Caller identification

⚠️ According to our user’s reports, there is a high possibility that the telephone number 03001000369 that called you truly belongs to a government agency . Currently, we do not have any official confirmation, so we advise you to be cautious when speaking with the caller.

Who do I contact about defaulted student loans?


Who do you contact if you have questions about repayment plan?

Contact the Department of Education’s (ED) Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA) if you have questions about your loans or payments.

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