How do I talk to a live person at Comerica Bank?

If you need to talk to a live person in Comerica Bank customer service you need to dial 1-800-266-3742 phone number.

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Beside above, can my Direct Express card be garnished?

If your benefits are loaded onto a Direct Express card or into another prepaid account, they are automatically protected from garnishment just like money in a checking account. government debts such as back taxes or federal student loans, and debts for child or spousal support.

Considering this, does Comerica Bank have Zelle? As a Personal account customer, you can now send or request money in a fast, easy and safe way using Zelle within the Comerica Mobile Banking® App and Comerica Web Banking® to the people you know.

Regarding this, does Direct Express have an account number?

Direct Express doesn’t make account and routing numbers publicly available for their cards. You will be assigned an account number and Comerica Bank (the card’s issuer) does have a routing number, but you won’t need it. You just need to sign up and activate your card.

How do I check my Comerica balance?

Stay in touch with your accounts by text message. Text a command to 26265 and receive account balances, transaction history, and find Comerica ATMs and banking centers. To view a full list of text commands click here.

How do I speak to a live person at Direct Express?

Call One of These Direct Express Numbers to Speak To a Live Person. To contact Direct Express customer service, call the Direct Express phone number on the back of your card (1-888-741-1115). For TTY, call 1-866-569-0447. The International Collect Direct Express phone number is 1-765-778-6290.

Is Comerica Bank only in Texas?

In addition to Texas, Comerica Bank locations can be found in Arizona, California, Florida and Michigan, with select businesses operating in several other states, as well as in Canada and Mexico.

Is Direct Express considered a bank account?

The Direct Express® card is a debit card you can use to access your benefits and you don’t need a bank account.

Is Direct Express part of Comerica Bank?

The Direct Express® Debit Mastercard® card is issued by Comerica Bank, pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated.

What bank is Comerica Bank?


Comerica Bank Tower in Downtown Dallas, Texas
Industry Financial services
Founded 1849 as Detroit Savings Fund Institute
Founder Elon Farnsworth
Headquarters Comerica Bank Tower Dallas, Texas, U.S.

What bank is the Direct Express card through?

Comerica Bank

What is Comerica Bank customer service phone number?


What is Comerica Bank’s routing number?


State Routing number
California 121137522
Florida 067012099
Michigan 072000096
Texas 111000753

What’s the routing number for Comerica Bank Direct Express?


Who is Comerica Bank owned by?

Comerica Incorporated

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