How does a flexi loan work?

With a Home Flexi Loan you reduce your regular outgoings by only paying the interest on your loan to start with. You can borrow up to your agreed limit and repay as often as you like. Interest is only charged on the amount you actually use. There are no extra fees for withdrawals and no charges for unused funds.

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Subsequently, how do I withdraw from a flexi loan?

The money will be credited to your loan account after approval. You can then withdraw the funds as you need and transfer them to your bank account within 2 hours. You can also SMS “SOL” to 9773633633, or give a missed call on 9211175555.

Hereof, how is housing loan calculated? The rate of interest will be taken as monthly rate as EMIs are paid monthly. Therefore, if the interest rate is 10%, you need to divide it by 12. Also, the tenure (nper) will be the number of months. So, if your loan tenure is 20 years, the tenure will be 20×12 = 240 months.

Similarly one may ask, how many types of housing loans are there in Malaysia?

The 3 main home loan categories offered in Malaysia are term, semi-flexi, and flexi loans, with each having a different way of processing the instalments and interests: Term loans have a fixed repayment schedule, and don’t usually allow you to reduce your loan interest with advance payments.

How much loan can I get on my salary Malaysia?


What is a flexi loan account?

A Flexi Loan is similar to an Overdraft facility provided by banks. As a borrower, you can withdraw the loan amount you require from the credit limit pre-approved by the bank. … You get the flexibility to pay the outstanding loan amount as and when you want to pay, but you need to pay the interest every month.

What is difference between Flexi loan and personal loan?

A term loan is generally extended by a lender for a particular period of time with an agreed-upon repayment schedule subject to a fixed interest rate. Flexi personal loans, allow you the flexibility to withdraw the amount you need from your approved loan limit, as many times you want, as and when a need arises.

What is dropline Flexi loan?

Hybrid flexi option offers a flexibility to pay interest as EMI on a home loan for the initial tenor. … The Bajaj Finserv Home Loan also allows the customers to repay the principal amount using dropline repayment schedule.

What is EMI free loan?

So, how does EMI Free Loan work? It is a new kind of personal loan wherein you pay only interest on total loan amount on monthly basis. The principal amount remains unchanged until you make a bullet payment.

What is flexible loan installment plan?


HDFC’s Flexible Loan Installments Plan (FLIP) is one such plan in which the loan is structured in a way that the EMI is higher during the initial years and subsequently decreases in the later years. Watch outs: Interest portion in EMI is as it is higher in the initial years.

What is Mlta and MRTA?

Many people get Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA) or Mortgage Level Term Assurance (MLTA) to offer peace of mind and protect their investment when buying a home. Both options are a form of insurance which will ensure the mortgage will still be paid even if the buyer suffers disability or death.

What is semi Flexi?

A semi-flexi loan allows you to pay off larger sums of your outstanding loan amount – in advance. That means your total interest is also reduced, since the principal amount on your loan has been paid off, at an earlier point in time.

What is the benefit of Flexi loan?

Benefits of Flexi Loan

To get a fixed limit of money which is being set to withdraw money. The availability of funds remains at all times. The interest rate is lower than other loans. The loan repayment process is flexible.

Which bank is best for EMI?

Top 2 Banks That Offers Debit Cards for EMI in India are:

  • ICICI Bank.
  • Axis Bank.

Which company provides Flexi?

Personal loan flexi EMI plan is a personal loan EMI plan offered by Tata Capital under which you have the flexibility to pay higher EMIs when you are able to do so.

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