Is Advisors Mortgage Group legit?

About Advisors Mortgage Group, L.L.C.

Advisors Mortgage has established itself as a pillar of excellence in the mortgage industry. … As a national mortgage lender and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac seller/servicer, we are able to help customers achieve the dream of homeownership across the country.

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Furthermore, do mortgage brokers work with loan officers?

A mortgage broker works with many lenders to find you loan programs with the best rates, terms and lowest closing costs for your situation, but the broker doesn’t actually lend you money. The term mortgage broker is often used interchangeably with “loan officer,” but there are very important differences.

Hereof, is a loan officer the same as a mortgage loan officer? You might hear the terms “mortgage loan officer” or “loan officer” (LO) used interchangeably with mortgage loan originator, but there is a slight distinction between the two: A “loan originator” can refer to the entity (lender) who initiates the loan, and also to the professional you work with on your loan specifically …

Moreover, is Advisors Mortgage Group a broker?

Advisors is a multi-state mortgage banker that believes in delivering a seamless, stress-free mortgage experience to all of our customers.

Is being a mortgage loan officer hard?

Becoming a loan officer in California is not as hard as it sounds when you follow the right steps and remain focused on your goals. You will soon embark on a rewarding journey that marks the start of an exciting career. Depending on your dedication, you can meet the prelicensing requirements within a few months.

Is loan officer a broker?

Very often, homebuyers do not understand the difference between a mortgage broker and a loan officer. A loan officer works directly for a lender while a broker is an independent party that does not work for anyone.

Who owns advisors mortgage?

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