Is Blue Acorn SBA legit?

BLUEACORN IS A SCAM. THE SBA STATED I WAS PAID IN FULL. … If you were not funded yet your name is listed funded in the SBA system this status gets updated but it may take a while.

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Subsequently, does Blue Acorn do second draw PPP?

Learn more. PPP borrowers are eligible for up to 2.5x monthly payroll costs for their initial PPP loan, as well as any second draw. If your business falls under NAICS code 72 (Accommodation and Food Services), you may qualify for up to 3.5x monthly payroll costs for a second draw. All second draws are limited to $2M.

Also question is, does Blue Acorn still have funding? Despite reports that the PPP has run out of funding, Blueacorn partners with community financial institutions that still have access to funds- this money has NOT run out! Thank you for your ongoing feedback.

Herein, does Blue Acorn still have PPP funds?

Unfortunately We Are No Longer Accepting Applications

We are currently unable to accept new applications for PPP loans, due to high volumes, limited SBA funds, and the program’s upcoming 5/31 expiration.

How do I cancel my Blue Acorn PPP loan?

If your application has not been submitted to the SBA and you want to cancel your Second Draw PPP loan application within QuickBooks Capital, send an email to [email protected].

How do I get in touch with Blue Acorn PPP?

If you are trying to reach regarding your PPP application, you can do so at [email protected] or via

Is Blue Acorn forgivable?

You can apply for forgiveness directly with the SBA or blueacorn. That said, we are encouraging our borrowers to apply via the Blueacorn portal so that we can assist them with any needs along the way.

What is a blue acorn PPP?

Blueacorn is connecting technology and financial expertise to streamline the PPP application process for small businesses, independent contractors, and the self-employed. We are a Lender Service Provider, meaning we are not a bank.

Who funds Blue Acorn PPP?

United Community Bank

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