Is DecisionLogic safe to use?

Is Decision Logic a scam? It’s natural– and healthy– to be wary of any service that asks for your banking information. … Decision Logic today works with over 21,000 financial institutions and is a trusted entity that helps make the lending process easier for both borrowers and lenders.

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Regarding this, how much does decision logic cost?

Yes, Decision Logic offers a free trial. Q: How much does Decision Logic cost? Pricing for Decision Logic starts at $149.00/month.

Moreover, what can DecisionLogic See? DecisionLogic is a Read-Only copy of your bank statement which you authorized your lender to view when applying for a loan. There are many benefits to the service for both the borrower and lender. Traditionally a borrower would have to either fax or hand carry a copy of their bank statement.

Also to know is, what is DecisionLogic?

DecisionLogic is an advanced bank verification system enabling lenders to instantly verify a potential borrower’s banking information online and in real-time. Previous methods for performing this process created many problems for both the lender and borrower, including inconvenience, delay, inaccuracy, and fraud.

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