Is Heartland Ecsi a federal loan?

What most people don’t realize is these loans are actually non-direct federal loans. Institutional loans are private loans given out by colleges and universities directly but are serviced by Heartland ECSI.

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Similarly, how do I pay my heartland loan?

Choose the loan payment option that works best for you!

  1. eBranch. Transfer funds from your Heartland Credit Union account to your Heartland loan via Online Banking.
  2. Mobile App. …
  3. Payroll Distribution. …
  4. Automatic Transfer. …
  5. Reoccurring Electronic Funds Transfer. …
  6. ACH Transfer. …
  7. Mobile Check Deposit. …
  8. U.S. Mail.
Considering this, what is ECSI refund? Your institution will give you back your money if you paid more than what was necessary for your student loan or tuition or if you have excess financial aid that needs to be refunded. Heartland ECSI’s RefundSelect will notify you when you have a refund from your school waiting to be issued.

Thereof, what type of loan is Heartland Ecsi?

Heartland ECSI primarily services health and nursing loans, which are administered through the HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration). These loans come in the form of Loans for Disadvantaged Students (LDS) and Health Professional Student Loans (HPSL), which are non-direct federal loans.

Where is Heartland Ecsi located?

Wexford, PA

What is my heartland account number?

Your account number can be located in the upper right hand section of all printed and mailed communication and notifications. The account number is a 17 character alphanumeric number (including a hyphen). A sample account number is 001122-12345678912.

Do I have to pay Heartland Ecsi back?

Heartland ECSI also sets up “payment plans” for borrowers with accounts that are past due. Generally, payment plans allow borrowers to repay the past due amount in equal monthly installments over a period of 3 to 12 months. These payment plans require borrowers to pay certain fees including plan management fees.

Why did my loan go into forbearance?

If money is tight and your federal student loan payments are higher than you can afford, you might be able to get assistance through a federal program called “deferment” or “forbearance.” … With a forbearance, your loan payments are postponed or reduced, but interest continues to accrue during the forbearance period.

What is Heartland key?

Your Heartland Key is your new account number that is utilized when connecting your EasyPath profile to your Heartland ECSI account. Your Heartland Key is located on all notifications you receive from Heartland ECSI, such as billing statements, letters and emails.

Is the Perkins Loan A federal loan?

Loans made through the Federal Perkins Loan Program, often called Perkins Loans, are low-interest federal student loans for undergraduate and graduate students with exceptional financial need.

How do I find my ECSI school code?

Your School code, account number and PIN are printed on the bottom of your billing statement, in the area blocked off in red. The number to the right of the school code is your account number. Your account number also appears in the upper-right corner of the bill in the “DUE” block.

Can you defer Perkins loans?

A borrower may defer repayment on a Perkins Loan for up to three years, regardless of disbursement date and contrary provisions on the promissory note, if the borrower is seeking and unable to find full-time employment. Schools may determine the documents the borrower must provide to apply for this deferment.

Who owns Heartland Ecsi?

Global Payments Inc.

How do I contact ECSI?

To find out more information, please contact our Customer Service Team via the Live Chat or call us at 888.549.3274. Sign in or create a profile to view all of your ECSI accounts together.

Is ECSI safe?

ECSI has an Equifax Secure Global eBusiness CA-1 security certificate from Equifax Secure Inc.

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