Is Secure Trust legit?

SecureTrust is a certificate authority that offers SSL certificate and computer security products. … The reviews have been verified to be from real SecureTrust customers. If you want to compare SecureTrust SSL certificates with certificates from other SSL providers, use our SSL Wizard.

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Also to know is, how do I cancel V12 finance?

How do I cancel my application? You can cancel your application at any point before you have signed the online documents by calling 02920 468 916.

Simply so, how Safe Is Secure Trust Bank? Yes, your savings with Secure Trust Bank are protected up to £85,000 per person by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Subsequently, is aldermore a good bank?

Aldermore Bank has continued to serve its customers with simple, no-nonsense online banking for over a decade. The numerous awards the bank continues to earn, and its many positive Aldermore reviews point to a bank that is very safe to use for savings, business services, mortgages, and more.

Is Hampshire Trust Bank Any Good?

The Trustpilot reviews on Hampshire Trust Bank are highly positive with 79% of ratings being ‘Excellent’ and 15% being ‘Great’. The reviews included good customer service, ease of setting up the account, good communication and rates.

Is Hampshire Trust Bank part of another bank?

About Hampshire Trust Bank Plc

Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) is a privately owned British bank that provides award-winning savings services.

Is Hampshire Trust Bank protected?

Your eligible deposits with Hampshire Trust Bank (HTB) are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), the UK’s depositor protection scheme, up to the applicable limit.

Is Secure Trust Bank part of another bank?

Secure Trust Bank was founded in 1952 and incorporated in 1954. It was part of the Arbuthnot Banking Group from the early 1980s until 2016. In November 2011 shares in the Bank were admitted to AIM.

Is V12 finance easy to get?

Applying for V12 finance is quick and easy. The whole process takes just a few minutes and, in most cases, you will get an instant decision.

What is chip HTB account?

Chip is an electronic money institution, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority through its agency status with Prepaid Financial Services. Any money you save with it is held in a Barclays instant access savings account. This means that if Chip were to go bust, you’d be able to recover your money from Barclays.

What is Secure Trust Bank V12?

V12 Retail Finance is a trading name of Secure Trust Bank PLC. If you have a product or service from a retailer that has been financed by V12 Retail Finance before 2 August, the name that appeared on your bank statement was Secure Trust Bank PLC.

What is SecureTrust?

SecureTrust proactively assesses and improves business’ security posture—and takes the stress out of Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance, data privacy and risk management for large enterprises to small businesses.

Where is Secure Trust Bank located?

We’re a bank you can trust. After all, it’s in our name. Our approachable, straight-talking teams are based at our Solihull headquarters and offices in Cardiff, London, Manchester and Rotherham.

Who are secure trust bank owned by?

the Arbuthnot Banking Group

Who are shawbrook bank part of?

Shawbrook Bank Limited is a retail and commercial bank in the United Kingdom. It is an operating entity of Shawbrook Group plc which was listed on the London Stock Exchange until it was acquired by a consortium led by BC Partners and Pollen Street Capital in July 2017.

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