What are the minimum service requirements for a VA loan?

You may be eligible for a VA loan by meeting one or more of the following requirements:

  • You have served 90 consecutive days of active service during wartime, OR.
  • You have served 181 days of active service during peacetime, OR.
  • You have 6 years of service in the National Guard or Reserves, OR.

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Considering this, are GFCI outlets required for VA loan?

To get financing, the home must be structurally sound and hazard-free. When your loan officer orders an appraisal, the VA-approved appraiser will make sure the home you’re buying has: A working HVAC system. A roof that protects the home’s structure and will do so for the foreseeable future.

Hereof, are handrails required for VA loans? The VA Lender’s Handbook doesn’t provide specifics. Rather, the VA allows each appraiser to determine if a stairway or deck-related safety threat exists. … Generally speaking, most stairways should be accompanied by a sturdy handrail, and decks should be guarded with a reasonably-high rail.

Secondly, does basic and AIT count towards VA loan?

When you join the Reserves, you first attend basic training and military job school full time. This is called active duty for training, or ADT, and doesn’t count as active-duty time for most veterans benefits. … Active duty of this type does count toward veterans benefit service requirements.

How long does VA loan pre approval take?

How long does it take to get preapproved for a VA loan? The circumstances of each loan are different, but it doesn’t take any longer to get approved for a VA loan than it would for a conventional or FHA loan. If you’re buying a home and your documentation is in order, we can get you a Verified Approval within 24 hours.

How many active duty points do I need for a VA loan?

You will need to have your points statement covering at least 6 years of creditable service, and evidence of an Honorable Character of Service. Your point statement has to have at least one Active Duty point or Inactive Duty (drill) during each 12 month period.

What will fail a VA loan inspection?

During the inspection, they’ll check for any wear and tear or issues that could cause the system to fail shortly after the sale goes through. If they determine that the system isn’t able to heat the house to at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit during the winter without issue, the house will fail the inspection.

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