What bank owns Radius Bank?

LendingClub Bank

Type Subsidiary
Headquarters Lehi, Utah
Area served United States
Products Consumer banking, corporate banking
Parent LendingClub

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Keeping this in view, can you deposit with radius bank?

Boston, MA – Radius Bank, an industry-leading national virtual bank, today announced its partnership with the MoneyPass network. This addition vastly expands Radius Bank’s clients’ access to fee-free ATM withdrawals nationwide and increases their ability to deposit cash and checks into their accounts by over 30%.

In this regard, did LendingClub get bought out? In a surprising turn of events, LendingClub announced that it was shutting down its retail loan marketplace, also known as its Notes platform. … 1, 2021, LendingClub announced it had completed its acquisition of Radius Bancorp, Inc., including its digital banking division, Radius Bank.

In this manner, does Lending Club own Radius Bank?

LendingClub has made a series of executive moves to bolster consumer and commercial banking operations just months after its acquisition of Radius Bank. The San Francisco company is promoting Ronnie Momen, previously its chief lending officer, to chief consumer banking officer.

Does Radius Bank have business accounts?

Radius Bank’s business checking accounts are best for those businesses looking for an online-only bank. … Radius Bank is a completely online financial service with no physical locations. Radius Bank offers 0.75% APY on balances up to $10,000 and unlimited transactions.

Does radius Bank have debit cards?

Cash Back Rewards Debit Card | Radius Bank Rewards Checking.

How do I open a bank account with a radius?

Visit radiusbank.com/enroll to activate your Online Banking account. Access your accounts 24/7 with your mobile device. Download the Radius Mobile app to deposit checks, check balances, transfer funds, view account activity, set custom alerts, pay a friend, pay bills, and more!

How many branches does radius bank have?

Subscribe Now Get The Financial Brand Newsletter for FREE – Sign Up Now A few years ago, Radius Bank had six branches. Today it has only one.

Is Radius Bank a good bank?

Radius Bank is a good choice for someone looking for an online bank account with low fees and competitive interest rates. If you get paid via direct deposit and don’t use much cash, this bank could be perfect for your needs.

Is Radius Bank publicly traded?

Radius Bancorp Inc. is incorporated in the state of Delaware. Radius Bancorp Inc is primarely in the business of savings institution, federally chartered.

Shortlink https://sec.report/T/RADB
Business Address ONE HARBOR STREET SUITE 201 BOSTON MA 02210
Business Phone 617-482-4000

Is radius bank the same as brex?

Brex has partnered with Radius Bank, an innovative Boston-based financial institution, to provide payment processing services for Brex Cash.

What happened radius bank?

Radius became a leading online bank and was acquired by LendingClub, a fintech company that issues personal loans online. … The acquisition was announced on February 18, 2020, and closed on February 1, 2021, allowing Radius, now LendingClub Bank, to expand its product and service offerings.

What is Radius bank routing number?

Radius Bank Account Number: Radius Bank Routing/ABA Number: 211075086.

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