What credit score does DriveTime require?

Excellent Credit Score: 720+ Good Credit Score: 680 – 719. Average Credit Score: 620 – 679.

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Additionally, can you negotiate with DriveTime?

DriveTime is a “No-Haggle Dealership,” where there is no negotiation and the price you see is the price you get.

Just so, can you return a car to DriveTime? [accordion-group title=”What is DriveTime’s return policy?”]DriveTime gives you the option, free of charge, to return your vehicle within 5 days of purchase, no strings attached. If you drive more than 300 miles within the 5 day return period, you may receive less money back.

Then, does DriveTime hurt your credit?

Yes, we will run a credit check. But don’t worry! Your credit report and score isn’t the only factor we take into consideration when building your customized approval. … DriveTime offers interest rates as low as 5.9%, on approved credit.

Does DriveTime really work?

Is DriveTime good? DriveTime is a good option for people who have either no credit or less than optimal credit. DriveTime has more than just a wide array of used cars at fair prices. Additional features like a 30-day warranty and 45-day vehicle hold make it a solid choice for your next vehicle purchase.

How does Carvana car buying work?

A Carvana rep will pick you up in the local market and escort you to your car or to a vending machine if you’re in one of the 25 markets that have them. At the machine, you’ll be given a token to feed the giant toy box to get your car.

How does DriveTime verify income?

Proof of income (determined through a pay stub, bank statements and/or employer verification) Proof of auto insurance (we can help you obtain insurance if you don’t already have a provider) Proof of residence (utility bill, lease agreement, etc.)

How hard is it to get approved at DriveTime?

DriveTime now offers customized online approvals. It’s easy and only takes about two minutes. In most cases, you’ll receive an instant confirmation of your down payment amount so you can start car shopping right away. Why not get approved now?

Is CarMax better than DriveTime?

Results were generated by 149 employees and customers of CarMax and 190 employees and customers of DriveTime. CarMax’s brand is ranked #- in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of CarMax.

41% Promoters
45% Detractors

Is Carvana and DriveTime the same?

In 2013, DriveTime became the majority owner of Carvana; the two companies are operated completely separately. Carvana was founded in 2012 and launched nationwide in November 2013. The Phoenix-based company is an online used car retailer.

Is DriveTime down payment true?

DriveTime does not offer the opportunity to make payments on the down payment. … The DriveTime reservation program allows you to hold the car of your choice for up to seven days, but you cannot drive the vehicle off the lot until the down payment is fully paid. Reservation payments are also 100% refundable.

What is a typical down payment at DriveTime?

Although the average down payment is 11%, the recommended down payment amount is 20%.

What loan does DriveTime use?

Bridgecrest Acceptance Corporation. Bridgecrest Credit Company, LLC.

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