What does Dave Ramsey say about a 401k?

Specifically, Ramsey advises that you should first put your money into a workplace 401(k) if your employer has one available to you. He recommends investing in your 401(k) up to the amount of your employer match. (An employer match is a contribution that your employer makes when you invest in your account.)

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Also question is, do I have to repay my 401k loan?

You will have to repay the loan in full. If you don’t, the full unpaid loan balance will be considered a taxable distribution, and you could also face a 10% federal tax penalty on the unpaid balance if you are under age 59½.

In respect to this, does taking a loan from your 401k hurt you? Borrowing from your 401(k) might not affect you now, but it will definitely hurt in the long run. Many people prefer to borrow from their 401(k) because the interest rate on it is lower than on a standard loan.

Beside above, is 401k worth it Dave Ramsey?

Your 401(k) can seem like an expensive way to invest, but if you’re getting a company match on your contributions, the gain is just about always worth it. Your financial advisor can help you understand the difference between different types of funds so you can choose the best option for you.

What does Dave Ramsey say to invest in?

Dave prefers to invest in mutual funds with their own teams of experienced fund managers who have long track records of above-average performance.

What happens if I get laid off and have a 401k loan?

If you leave your job (whether voluntarily or involuntarily) with an unpaid loan balance, your former employer may allow you a period of time to pay off the loan. But if you can’t (or don’t), the plan will reduce your vested account balance in order to recoup the unpaid amount. This is called a “loan offset.”

What happens if I have a 401k loan and quit my job?

If you quit your job with an outstanding 401(k) loan, the IRS requires you to repay the remaining loan balance within 60 days. Fail to repay within that time, and the IRS and your state will deem the balance as income for that tax year. You’ll need to pay income tax and face a 10% penalty tax in addition.

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