What is a service cancelable loan?

It is a student financial aid program that provides loans to be used towards the cost of tuition in an undergraduate or graduate program at an eligible postsecondary institution. …

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Furthermore, can LPN get loan forgiveness?

The maximum annual loan repayment award is $12,000 for LPNs and RNs. And NPs can earn a maximum reward of $40,000. Commitment contracts are from one to two years serving in an underserved area. In addition, this program requires qualifying nurses to work at least 45 weeks/year.

Then, does Georgia National Guard pay for college? Tuition Assistance (TA)

Max 130 hours toward Bachelor’s degree, 39 hours toward Master’s degree. Can combine with SCL, but not with Chapter 1606 (MGIB-SR) of the GI Bill®. As of 5 August 2018: – You can use Army TA immediately after completion of initial entry training (BCT+AIT, or OSUT, or WOBC, or BOLC).

Secondly, does National Guard pay for housing?

Army National Guard Soldiers on active duty under Title 10 USC are eligible for Basic Allowance for Housing or Basic Allowance for Housing Reserve Component/Transit (BAH RC/T) if they are on active duty for 30 or fewer days.

What benefits do National Guard members get?

VA benefits include disability compensation, pension, home loan guaranty, education, health care, insurance, vocational rehabilitation and employment, and burial. Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Program supports and enhances the mobilization readiness of the Reserve components.

What is the Georgia HERO Scholarship?

Georgia HERO Scholarship program provides educational scholarship assistance to members of the Georgia National Guard and U.S. Military Reservists who served in combat zones, and the children and the spouses of such members of the Georgia National Guard and U.S. Military Reserves.

Will the National Guard pay for your masters?

Army National Guard (ARNG)

A masters degree may be supported provided funding is available. The maximum amount paid for federal tuition assistance for ARNG members is: 100% tuition up to $250 per semester hour, up to 16 semester hours annually. … Lifetime limit of 39 graduate semester hours.

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