What is the gold loan interest rate in Syndicate Bank?

Features of Syndicate Bank Gold Loan

Purpose behind availing this loan scheme You can avail this loan in order to fulfill any credit requirement of yours
Interest Rate 9.75%
Penal Interest 2% above the interest rate on the outstanding balance to be paid back
Repayment tenure 3 years
Processing and document charges NIL

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Likewise, how can I get gold loan from Syndicate Bank?

One can apply for the gold loan online within a few minutes through Dialabank. If a borrower is eligible, Syndicate Bank Gold Loan can be approved within 5 minutes. After the approval of a gold loan, the loan amount is disbursed quickly if the borrower has all the documents that are required.

Also to know is, is gold loan Safe? A Gold Loan is a practical way to secure funding without liquidating your long-term investments. And with the gold prices at an all-time high, you can get good value for this investment. Another benefit of a Gold Loan is the minimum paperwork that it requires.

In this way, what is SBI gold loan rate?

7.50 per cent

What is the rate of gold loan per gram in Canara Bank?

As per the latest gold prices, Canara Bank offers a gold loan per gram of ₹ 2,564 to ₹ 3,134. Highest Canara Bank gold loan rate per gram today is ₹ 3,134 for 22 carat jewellery calculated at a maximum LTV of 75% and the average gold loan prices of last 30 days in 2021 is ₹ 4,643 of 22 carat.

Which bank is best for gold loan?

Gold Loan Interest Rates Comparison

Name of the Bank Interest Rate Loan Amount
Canara Bank Gold Loan 7.35% p.a. Rs.5,000 to Rs.35 lakh
Muthoot Gold Loan 12% p.a. to 26% p.a. Rs.1,500 onwards
SBI Gold Loan 7.00% p.a. onwards Rs.20,000 to Rs.50 lakh
Kotak Mahindra Gold Loan 10.00% p.a. – 17.00% p.a. Rs.20,000 to Rs.1.5 crore

Which bank offers cheapest gold loan?

Low Interest Gold Loan Rates: Top 5 Banks

Banks Interest Rate Tenure
ICICI Bank 9.00% 6 months to 12 months
HDFC Bank 9.00% 3 months to 24 months
Yes Bank 9.99% 6 months to 36 months
IndusInd Bank 10.00% 3 months to 24 months

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