What is the interest rate in South Indian Bank?

End of the day Balance Rate of Interest
Up to and including Rs 2.00 lakh 2.35% per annum (1.65% below Repo rate)
Above Rs. 2.00 lakh – less than Rs. 5.00 crore 2.75% per annum
Rs. 5.00 crore – less than Rs. 100.00 crore 4.20% per annum
Rs. 100.00 crore and above 4.50% per annum

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Considering this, is South Indian bank safe?

Yes, of course. They are quite safe. Thanks to strong regulation and supervision by Reserve Bank of India and system of internal control of banks, they are well capitalized, well managed and effectively regulated.

Just so, what is the EMI for 3 lakhs personal loan? Calculated Monthly EMI for 300000 of loan amount for 3 years at various rate of Interest :

Loan Amount Rate of Interest Per Month EMI
3 Lakh 14.00% Rs.10253.29
3 Lakh 15.00% Rs.10399.6
3 Lakh 16.00% Rs.10547.11
3 Lakh 18.00% Rs.10845.72

Besides, what is the interest rate for savings account in South Indian Bank?

Interest Rates of South Indian Bank Savings Accounts

Balance (End of Day) Rate of Interest
Up to Rs.2 lakh 2.35% p.a.
More than Rs.2 lakh but less than Rs.5 crore 2.75% p.a.
Rs.5 crore and above but less than Rs.100 crore 4.20% p.a.
More than Rs.100 crore 4.50% p.a.

Which bank gives loan at lowest interest?

Lowest Personal Loan Rates Comparison

Banks Interest Rate Processing Fees
ICICI Bank 10.25% Upto 2.25% of Loan Amount
Kotak Bank 10.25% Starting from Rs.999
HDFC Bank 10.25% Upto 2.50% Min ₹ 999
Axis Bank 10.49% Rs.4,999

Which bank has lowest interest rate on personal loan in India?

Compare Best Personal Loan in India

Bank Interest Rates Lowest EMI Per Lakh
HDFC Bank Personal Loan ⊕ Compare 10.25% ₹ 2,137
ICICI Bank Personal Loan ⊕ Compare 10.25% ₹ 2,137
Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan ⊕ Compare 12.99% ₹ 2,275
IDFC First Bank Personal Loan ⊕ Compare 10.49% ₹ 2,149

Which bank is best for loan in India?

Compare Best Personal Loans at Lowest Interest Rates in India 2021

List of Banks/Lenders Personal Loan Interest Rates Loan Amount
HSBC 9.99% – 14.00% Upto INR 30 lakh
ICICI Bank 10.50% onwards Upto INR 40 lakh
IDBI Bank 9.50% – 14.00% Upto INR 10 lakh
IndusInd Bank 11.00% Onwards Upto INR 15 lakh

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