What is the role of a HUD consultant?

The HUD consultant, sometimes known as a 203k consultant, acts in the role of a project manager for these loan types. The cost of a consultant adds to the renovation cost but their experience and guidance are invaluable to the borrower.

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Subsequently, how do contractors get paid with a 203k loan?

How do the contractors get paid? The contractors are paid in a series of draws by the borrower’s lender through escrowed funds. At closing, the lender places the rehab/improvement funds into an escrow account. More detailed information is available in the 203k Contractor Education Course.

In this way, how do I become a HUD consultant? A minimum of three years of experience as a home inspector, remodeling contractor or general contractor. A state-licensed engineer or state-licensed architect does not need to document three years of experience; State licensing requirements (remodeling or general contractor, home inspector, etc.).

Considering this, how much is a FHA 203k Consultant?

For amounts ranging between $7,501 to $15,000 the HUD 203k consultant fee is $500. For renovation work amount between $15,001 to $30,000, it’s $600. For the cost of rehab work that falls in the range of $30,001 to $50,000, the 203k consultant fee is $700.

Is a HUD consultant required for a FHA 203k Streamline?

A Full 203k covers projects which total more than $35,000 or structural repairs. It also requires a HUD consultant. The Streamline 203k doesn’t require a consultant (although working with an experienced professional is generally a good move) and it does not cover structural repairs.

What are FHA inspection requirements?

Checklist of FHA appraisal requirements

  • Must have an undamaged exterior, foundation and roof.
  • Must have safe and reasonable property access.
  • Must not contain loose wiring and exposed electrical systems.
  • Must have all relevant local utility hookups, including gas, electricity, water and sewage.

What is a 203k inspection?

If you decide to buy a home and it needs some updates, repairs or renovations, a 203(k) consultant would inspect the property and talk with you about both the repairs that will be required to meet HUD’s Minimum Property Standards and the optional renovations you would like to make beyond the required items.

What is a draw inspection?

Draw inspectors visit the work site to evaluate current progress against what has been reported. They’re looking specifically to validate that all work items and materials included in a draw request are, in fact, in place, and assist in determining the appropriate release of funds.

What is a HUD 203k consultant?

An FHA 203k consultant, also called a HUD consultant or FHA consultant, is essentially a project manager for 203k-financed renovations. … Per the FHA handbook, 203k consultants are required on any project being financed by a Standard FHA 203k loan.

What is the FHA 203k loan program?

The Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) 203k loan allows buyers to finance the home and up to $35,000 in repairs with one loan. It’s possible to have lower monthly payments and higher equity in your home the moment you move in, compared to your friends and neighbors.

Who has the contract for HUD?

HUD’s contracting is conducted by five principal offices: the Administration Support Division, the Program Support Division in Headquarters and the three Field Operations offices located in Philadelphia, Atlanta and Denver.

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