What kind of loan is best egg?

Best Egg offers unsecured personal loans to high-income borrowers with fair to excellent credit. While borrowers with FICO credit scores of at least 600 can qualify for Best Egg personal loans, you’ll need a minimum credit score of 700 and an individual annual income of at least $100,000 to get the best rates.

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In this way, can I have 2 best egg loans?

You can be approved for two Best Egg loans at once as long as the combined loan amount isn’t more than $50,000. Best Egg will also consider other factors, such as your payment history.

Just so, how do I pay off my Best Egg loan? 1.

  1. Make Major Budget Adjustments. …
  2. Balance Transfer High-Interest Debt. …
  3. Consolidate or Refinance Debt to a Lower Interest Rate. …
  4. Change Your Debt Payoff Strategy. …
  5. Make the Room in Your Budget. …
  6. Cut Back Spending. …
  7. Contact Your Creditors and ask for Lower Rates or Other Options.

Herein, how fast can you get a loan from Best Egg?

The entire Best Egg personal loan approval process usually takes 1-3 business days to apply, get approved, and be funded. In some cases, customers could be approved and funded on the same day, but most customers can expect the personal loan process to take just a few days.

How is Best Egg interest calculated?

Steps to Calculating APR on a Loan

Divide the finance charge by the loan amount. Multiply the result by the number of days in the year. Divide the total by the term of the loan. Multiply the result by 100 and add a percentage sign.

How many loans can I have with best egg?

Loan Amounts & Terms

Borrowers can have two Best Egg loans at one time, with the total balance not exceeding $50,000. Loan terms. Best Egg personal loans are available for 36- to 60-month terms, or three to five years.

Which credit bureau does Best Egg use?


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