What time do gates open at VA Beach Amphitheater?

6:30 pm

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Thereof, can you tailgate at the Virginia Beach Amphitheater?

Tailgating is not allowed on the premises. The amphitheater features a huge canopy placed near the main stage. There are two main seating areas: a fixed seating area covered by a canopy and a lawn area. Lawn chairs may be rented to visitors who have purchased lawn seating tickets.

Then, do you have to pay for parking at Virginia Beach Amphitheater? This is a very nice venue. Some things you need to know: parking is included in your ticket price BUT if you want less hassle (the parking lines are HUGE for the big shows), pay for premium parking and carpool it.

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What does Amphitheater mean?

Definition of amphitheater

1 : an oval or circular building with rising tiers of seats ranged about an open space and used in ancient Rome especially for contests and spectacles. 2a : a very large auditorium. b : a room with a gallery from which doctors and students may observe surgical operations.

What is the flight deck at Virginia Beach Amphitheater?

The Flight Deck is an upgrade to a lawn ticket to allow fans to get a private viewing area and a full service bar. This deck is for pass holders only and is not a ticket to the concert. Fans must purchase tickets separately.

Who owns the Virginia Beach Amphitheater?

Live Nation Entertainment

Location Virginia Beach, Virginia
Coordinates 36°46′07.60″N 76°06′10.65″WCoordinates: 36°46′07.60″N 76°06′10.65″W
Operator Live Nation Entertainment
Type Outdoor amphitheater

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