Where can I get a loan with my prepaid debit card?

3 lenders that offer prepaid debit card loans

Lender Loan amount
Check Into Cash Varies by state Read review
Ace Cash Express Varies by state Go to site
Speedy Cash $50 to $26,000 (varies by state) Read review

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Thereof, can I get a loan with a prepaid account?

You can apply for the loan online, and the lender sends the money as a direct deposit to the borrower’s checking account, saving account, or prepaid debit card account. So, if you are wondering whether you can get a loan without a bank account using your prepaid debit card, then the answer is ‘Yes.

Then, can I get a payday loan with a Green Dot prepaid card? Green Dot Money is available to consumers on a nationwide basis with initial lenders able to offer loans in 46 states. … Approved applicants can have their loan funded in a variety of ways, including a Green Dot prepaid card or the individual’s own checking account.

People also ask, can you borrow money from NetSpend?

You cannot get a loan from NetSpend. Loans or payday advance loans are not available from NetSpend. However, you can deposit loan proceeds from other companies into your NetSpend account, as you would in a bank account. There are lenders that offer prepaid debit card loans on NetSpend cards.

Can you get a cash advance on a prepaid card?

Obtaining a cash advance on a prepaid credit card is simple. Obtaining a cash advance from a prepaid credit card is simple. … There is no credit check required because the financial institution never lends the cardholder any funds. The cardholder may only spend the amount of money he/she loads on the prepaid credit card.

Does Dave App accept prepaid cards?

Per month investing tools, you can borrow up to $ 75, or up to $ 100 with Dave!, you can just use the prepaid debit card and your financial balance to your App. App is mobile credit card and Dave are designed to make getting a loan. You don ‘ t want to use the prepaid debit card to borrow money before payday card.

Does Dave work with Greendot?

Green Dot® cash loads will generally appear in your Dave Spending Account within two (2) hours. Green Dot® may impose its own fees and/or limitations on the frequency or amount of cash you may load to your Dave Spending Account.

Does Greendot offer cash advances?

You can get a Green Dot cash advance at any ATM, by using the PIN that was mailed with your card. You can also ask for a PIN by calling the number on the back of your card. … Other than that, you will be charged a cash advance fee of $5 or 3% of the amount you withdraw, whichever is more.

Does Speedy Cash accept prepaid cards?

The Opt+® Visa® Prepaid Debit Card can be a great solution if you’re looking for a daily payment alternative to cash. Prepaid debit cards work like traditional bank cards and debit cards. … Speedy Cash is the exclusive provider of Opt+®Prepaid Debit Cards. Get your card at a Speedy Cash location today!

Does Walmart do payday loans?

Walmart does not offer any personal loans, but its employers in certain cases can access their earned salary before the payday. However, it is not enough just to apply for that and you may have to go through a certain procedure to use this opportunity.

What cash Apps support prepaid cards?

7 Cash Apps That Accept Prepaid Cards (Android & iOS)

  • Cash App.
  • WorldRemit Money Transfer App: Send Money Abroad.
  • Venmo.
  • PayPal.
  • tmw – Wallet, Prepaid Card, Recharge, Payment.
  • Swiss Bankers.
  • FEVO Prepaid Mastercard®

What is an Opt+ card?

A Visa® prepaid debit card from Opt+® means freedom and security. Everyone starts with a Pay As You Go account, and then you can upgrade to a Monthly, or Direct Deposit account at any time!

What is instant funding to debit card?

Instant debit card funding is available when you choose to pre-authorize the repayment of your installment, title, line of credit, or payday loan with the same debit card used to fund it.

What is Visa ReadyLink?

Visa ReadyLink (VRL) allows a Visa reloadable prepaid cardholder to add funds to their account from a ReadyLink enabled merchant terminal. The VRL Merchant Locator API enables cardholders to search for ReadyLink enabled merchant locations.

Whats a good cash advance app?

Here are the best borrow money and paycheck cash advance apps you can use right now:

  1. Wealthfront Cash Account. Wealthfront is one of the best robo-advisors out there. …
  2. Chime. …
  3. Empower. …
  4. Axos Bank — Direct Deposit Express. …
  5. Earnin. …
  6. DailyPay. …
  7. PayActiv. …
  8. FlexWage.

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