Which documents are required to be submitted to Bank for taking house loan?

15 Must Have Documents Required for Home Loan in 2021

  • Loan application form.
  • 3 photographs passport sized.
  • Identify proof.
  • Residence proof.
  • Bank Account Statement/Passbook for last 6 months.
  • Signature verification by bankers of the applicant.
  • Liabilities statement and Personal Assets.
  • Property detailed documents.

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Consequently, can I get home loan without property documents?

Keep the following list of documents handy to avail a mortgage loan against property without income proof: Duly filled application form. Proof of identity like PAN Card, Voter ID Card, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, etc. Proof of address like Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Ration Card, Passport, Utility Bills, etc.

Accordingly, can I get loan without income proof? Is it possible to get a personal loan for self-employed without income proof? No, without income proof you cannot avail personal loans. You will need to provide bank statements as proof of your income.

Besides, how can I buy a house without proof of income?

You can no longer buy a house without proof of income. You have to prove you can pay the loan back somehow. But there are modern alternatives to stated income loans. For instance, you can show “proof of income” through bank statements, assets, or retirement accounts instead of W2 tax forms (the traditional method).

Is Patta required for housing loan?

You will only get the document issued if there is any house or building built on it. If there are multiple owners for a single plot then a single Patta is being issued for all the owners. But in that case the there must be a division of the property. If there is an undivided land Patta will not get issued.

What are the 3 most common documents required for certification of a purchase loan?

Documents Required for Loan against Property

  • Proof of Residence – Any one of Ration Card / Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill / Voters Card.
  • Proof of Identity – Any one of Voters Card / Aadhaar Card/ Drivers License / Employers Card.
  • Latest Bank Statement / Passbook (where salary / income is credited for past 6 months).

What are the documents required for bank loan?

Documents Required for Personal Loans

  • Proof of Identity:- Passport / Driving License / Voters ID / PAN Card (any one)
  • Proof of Residence:- Leave and License Agreement / Utility Bill (not more than 3 months old) / Passport (any one).
  • Latest 3 months Bank Statement (where salary/income is credited).

What are the property documents?

Here is an important checklist of property documents you need to have a look at!

  • Sale Deed: …
  • RTC Extracts: …
  • Khata Certificate and Extracts: …
  • Mutation Register Extracts: …
  • Joint Development Agreement: …
  • General Power of Attorney: …
  • NOC: …
  • Ratification Deed:

What is Icici home loan sanction letter?

A home loan sanction letter is an initial approval letter to a home loan applicant that is signed by a person of authority. … Get sanction letter on home loan from top banks and housing finance companies like SBI, HDFC, ICICI Bank, Citibank and PNB Housing Finance.

What is list of documents in home loan?

Below are the documents required to apply for a home loan in India. Proof of Identity. Passport /Voter ID/Driving License/PAN. Proof of Address. Telephone Bill/Electricity Bill/Passport/Bank Statement/Passbook.

What is minimum salary required for home loan?

What is the Minimum Salary for a Home Loan? Your salary should be above Rs. 15,000 per month to qualify for a home loan.

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