Who is eligible for CDBG funds?

Eligible Grantees

Principal cities of Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) Other metropolitan cities with populations of at least 50,000. Qualified urban counties with populations of at least 200,000 (excluding the population of entitled cities)

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Consequently, do you have to pay back a CDBG grant?

If you are not able to meet a National Objective, you would be required to repay the CDBG investment in the property as it would not have qualified as a CDBG-funded project.

Correspondingly, does CDBG have an affordability period? CDBG funds may be used to implement eligible activities (defined at 24 CFR 570.201 – 206). completion of the project. income households for a specified period of time which is referred to as the “affordability period”. that is used to do the activity.

Moreover, does CDBG require match?

Amounts expended on administration in excess of $100,000 must be matched. States may expend up to three percent of their CDBG allocation on technical assistance activities. However, the total a state spends on both administrative and technical assistance expenses may not exceed three percent of the state’s allocation.

How does the CDBG program work?

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program provides annual grants on a formula basis to states, cities, and counties to develop viable urban communities by providing decent housing and a suitable living environment, and by expanding economic opportunities, principally for low- and moderate-income persons.

Is CDBG a grant or loan?

CDBG funds are provided as grants to non-entitlement jurisdictions. Grants can vary based on annual allocations and activity limits. Must address one of three national objectives: Benefit to low- and moderate-income persons.

Is CDBG federal?

The Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program is a federally funded flexible program that provides communities with resources to address a wide range of housing and community development needs.

Is the CDBG program legit?

In the latest report, the scammers are posing under the Facebook page name “Community Development Block Grant.” They promise you a package of $100,000 if you send them the money needed to pay FedEX to deliver your money. In this case, its nearly $7,000. This is typical scammer activity.

What are some examples of block grants?

Block grants provide funding for eligible activities identified in authorizing legislation. Community development, education, health service and crime controls are some examples of Block grants. Large block grants include Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)* and Local Law Enforcement Block Grant (LLEBG).

What are the 4 types of grants?

There are actually just four main types of grant funding. This publication provides descriptions and examples of competitive, formula, continuation, and pass-through grants to give you a basic understanding of funding structures as you conduct your search for possible sources of support.

What can CDBG funding be used for?

CDBG funds can be used for a wide range of activities such as housing rehabilitation, code enforcement, acquisition of real property, demolition, infrastructure and public facility improvements, economic development, and social services.

What is a CDBG loan?

CDBG is a federal grant program utilizing funds received from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The intended use of the CDBG Loan Program (CLP) is to provide loans to eligible small businesses, or UGLGs, to meet a national objective. … Financing and/or refinancing of inventory and receivables.

What is an entitlement city?

Entitlement City means a city designated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development to receive an amount of funds which the city is entitled to receive under the Entitlement Grant Program, as determined by formula set forth in Section 106 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974.

What is CDBG CV?

The Community Development Block Grant CARES (CDBG-CV) Act provides grants to states, insular areas, and local governments to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the spread of COVID-19.

What is the CSBG program?

CSBG: is a federal, anti-poverty block grant which funds the operations of a state-administered network of local agencies. This CSBG network consists of more than 1,000 agencies that create, coordinate and deliver programs and services to low-income Americans in 99 percent of the nation’s counties.

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