Who owns Prmg?

Watching 70 percent of his mortgage banking competitors go out of business after the national real estate bust, Paul Rozo chose a strategy of growth for his Corona company, PRMG (Paramount Residential Mortgage Group), with the aim of surviving by grabbing market share.

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Considering this, how long has Paramount Bank been in business?


Besides, is Paramount Bank legit? Paramount Bank has been an independent mortgage banking company since 1970. Our headquarters is in St. Louis, Missouri and we can lend in all 50 states. Paramount Bank is a HUD approved lender and provides a full range of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac agency products, as well as a full suite of jumbo and portfolio programs.

Thereof, is Paramount mortgage legit?

Paramount Residential Mortgage Group Reviews

They have a 4.9-star rating out of 5 on LendingTree based on nearly 18,000 customer reviews, with a 99% recommended rating. Customers indicated that interest rates, fees, and closing costs were all excellent, along with customer service and responsiveness.

Is PRMG a good company to work for?

Working at Paramount Residential Mortgage Group | Glassdoor.

Is Prmg a lender?

Since 2001, Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (PRMG) continues to be a leading lender in the mortgage industry. As a privately-held mortgage banker and residential home lender, PRMG has successfully helped many borrowers purchase and refinance their homes throughout the United States.

What does Prmg stand for?


Acronym Definition
PRMG Public Resources Management Group, Inc. (Largo, FL)
PRMG Pl.Rec.Muzyka.Gitara (Polish guitar music newsgroup)
PRMG Pacific Rim Marketing Group (various locations)
PRMG Publications and Resource Management Group

What kind of company is PRMG?

Paramount Residential Mortgage Group Inc.

What month and year was Paramount Residential mortgage Group founded?

PRMG grew since being established in 2001, from just three people in a single office to well more than 700 in over 40 offices across the U.S. What kind of people do you look for to become part of the PRMG team?

What states does PRMG lend in?


Alabama Alabama State Banking Department 21621
Alaska Alaska Department of Commerce, Community & Economic Development: Division of Banking & Securities Ak75243
Arizona Arizona Department of Financial Institutions 0910387
Arkansas Arkansas Securities Department 105623

Where is paramount Bank located?

St. Louis, Missouri

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